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Taipei, Taiwan: This culturally diverse and commercially influential city has been shaped by its fierce sense of independence vying with undeniable ties to mainland China. The result is a fascinating blend of culture, art, history and social diversity.  As you explore through the city on your Taipei cruise, you’ll fall in love with the futuristic cityscape and dazzling arcitecture. Dotted with tranquil parks and green spaces, you’ll find locals practicing the art of Tai Chi. Cuisine plays a central role in Taiwanese culture with culinary traditions from regions throughout China, including Fujian, Shanghai, Sichuan, and Hunan found around the city. Be sure to visit a relaxing tea house, or sample some famous Taiwanese snacks at a lively night market. Browse high-end boutiques in the Zhongxiao-Dunhao area and explore the dozens of fashionable malls in Xinyi District for keepsakes and souvenirs.

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Lan Jia Gua Bao

To truly eat like a local, order the pork buns—slow braised and topped with pickled mustard, cilantro, and peanuts—at Lan Jia Gua Bao near National Taiwan University. Specify fatty or lean meat and devour it along with a bowl of the equally popular corn-and-pork-rib soup. While the line can snake around the block, the pillowy snacks are worth the wait.

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