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This former mill town has emerged into a hip and happening place. The ancient fjord carved into the landscape during the last ice age always impresses visitors. On dry land, visit the old port of Chicoutimi and enjoy its French-Canadian charm. Families linger over lunch at picnic tables overlooking the river; couples ride bicycles along winding park paths; and artisans, ranging from jewelry makers to woodcarvers, display their creative wares. Saguenay also serves up the best in regional cuisine. You can nibble and sip your way through locally produced maple syrup, cheese curds, organic raspberries and micro-beers. The surrounding area is postcard perfect with covered bridges, quaint villages dotted with brightly painted houses and a handful of fascinating museums. Since the relatively warm, fresh waters of the Saguenay jet out atop the frigid, salt waters of the St Lawrence, it attracts massive amounts of krill. And where there are krill, there are whales. Lots of them. They and the entire waterway now enjoy protected status.

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