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During the 16th and 17th centuries, when Spain held sway over the rest of Europe and the New World, much of its naval power was concentrated in the port of Cartagena. Many of the coastal fortifications from that era still exist, although instead of guarding the city, they provide splendid views of the harbor. Cartagena is one of the world’s great natural harbors and over the ages has known its fair share of conflict, conquest, and riches. Brimming with a fascinating history, this is the wharf where Phoenician traders unloaded exotic treasures and where Roman citizens crowded into a grand theatre. Explore the archeological ruins, castle battlements, artillery, museums, historic churches, and architectural wonders on your Cartagena cruise. For a casual stroll complete with a little sightseeing and a coffee, put on those comfortable shoes and head on a guided tour through the heart of the city.  Or, visit a family-owned wine cellar that produces traditional wine. Cartagena is a cosmopolitan city filled with tapas bars, art galleries, fine restaurants and world-renowned shopping. It’s a charming coastal city that utterly captivates all visitors.

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