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Cruise to Adelaide and discover an elegant city of church spires, multicultural gastronomy, and thriving arts. Adelaide's wide thoroughfares and graceful cosmopolitan style lead to a variety of activities just outside the city limits.

Sample wines from more than 200 local vineyards that take advantage of the cool climate and diverse geography of the Adelaide Hills. The environment enables a range of grape varieties, from aromatic Riesling to full-bodied Shiraz. The South Australian wine industry produces more than half of the country's wine output.

Travelers can also visit one of several wildlife sanctuaries during their cruises from Adelaide. Venture out to Cleland Wildlife Park to wander among the kangaroos, wallabies, and emus, or tour the Warrawong Sanctuary to spot exotically named species like the brush-tailed bettongs and bilbies.

Adelaide is world famous for opals, the national gemstone of Australia. They range from clear to green, blue, magenta, even black, the rarest color. Travelers on Adelaide cruises often shop for these locally mined stones in the area’s fine shops.




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Hotel Tivoli Restaurant

You can keep it casual with upscale pub favorites—Wagyu beef burgers; fried salt-and-pepper squid—or splurge on a filet of black Angus sirloin or crispy orange duck at the Hotel Tivoli Restaurant. Either way, the setting is sublime; the restaurant is housed in a heritage-listed ballroom with an arched ceiling and whimsically striped carpets and chairs.

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