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A Europe summer cruise is a dream vacation for many people. Make sure you get the most out of your vacation by packing the proper attire.

Europe Summer Cruise Packing List for on the ShipFamily Friendly From Seattle

Most Europe cruise itineraries have one or two (occasionally more) days at sea, whether you're sailing on last-minute cruises from Southampton or a cruise from Barcelona you've been planning for a year. Make sure you’re comfortable for your day relaxing and having fun on the ship by packing these items.

  • Swimsuit – Bring two or three if you don’t want to deal with having to wear a wet suit sometimes.
  • Swimsuit Coverup – Make sure it’s one you’ll feel comfortable in walking from your stateroom to the pool deck.
  • Comfortable Shorts and T-Shirt – Ideal for any active pursuits you’d like to do on the ship, such as hitting the state of the art gym or playing bocce ball on the Lawn Club.
  • Sundress or Slacks – These clothing items are great to have on hand for Celebrity Life activities. You don’t have to get dressed up for these activities, but if you want to bring some of your fashionable pieces onto the ship, this is a good time to wear them! Celebrity Life activities include wine tasting classes, food demonstrations, informational seminars, and much more.
  • Nightlife Attire – Bring your best dancing clothes if you’re planning to hit the onboard club, or date night attire if you want to sip Champagne or martinis with your significant other. Or bring comfortable lounge clothes if you just want to spend a night in your sumptuous suite ordering room service and watching an on-demand movie!    

Dining Packing Tips

In the evenings, you’ll want to change into something to wear for dinner as most ships have a dress code (here is a link to Celebrity Cruises’ dress code).

On Celebrity Cruises, Smart Casual attire is acceptable on most evenings. There will also be (depending on the length of your cruise) one or two Evening Chic nights (a modern reboot of formal nights), and you’ll want to come prepared for those nights so you can participate in the fun of getting all glammed up.

Regular Dining

  • Ladies: Dress, slacks, blazers, jeans, scarves, skirts, casual tops — Basically, whatever you’re comfortable in without being too casual.
  • Men: Pants or jeans and a sport shirt with sleeves.

Evening Chic Nights

  • Ladies: Cocktail dress or skirt/pants/designer jeans with an elegant top. Or get totally dressed up in an evening gown!
  • Men: Pants or designer jeans with a dress shirt, button-down shirt, or sweater. To get fancier, wear a blazer or sport coat over it.

Bring several outfit arrangements for evenings on board, though remember there is laundry service available if needed so you don’t need to feel compelled to overpack.

As for shoes to wear on board, pack a pair of flip-flops or slip-on sandals that are pool-ready, a pair of dressier shoes for evenings, and casual or tennis shoes for recreational activities.

Europe Summer Cruise Packing List for Days in Port

During your Europe summer cruise, you’ll be visiting many amazing ports of call full of gorgeous scenery, bustling city centers, and historic attractions. Ensure you’re ready for whatever adventure is thrown at you while exploring these sites by packing adequately.

Here is a list of items you’ll want to have in your suitcase for port days:

  • DaypackComfortable Walking Sandals or Shoes – If new, be sure to wear them in before leaving for your cruise.
  • Sunscreen Stick – Easy to throw into your daypack.
  • Cotton or Breathable T-Shirt or Tanktop – Most parts of Europe get hot in the summer!
  • Shorts or Loose Linen (or other lightweight fabric) Pants
  • Comfortable Dress
  • Sunglasses or Visor/Sunhat
  • Camera with Extra Battery and Extra Memory Card
  • Cardigan – Ideal for cooler days or late evenings in port.

Note: If visiting any religious points of interest, check the dress code before leaving for your cruise. Most require shoulders to be covered, but some even require knees to be covered. A thin, summer scarf is an easy thing to stick in a daypack and which you can tie around your shoulders if needed.

Miscellaneous Items to Pack

Some other things to remember to pack for your cruise include:

  • Sunscreen
  • Medications
  • Kindle or Tablet
  • Charger Adaptor (Your ship will likely be compatible with U.S. electronics , but you may still want an adaptor for in port if you need to charge anything at a café or at your pre- or post-cruise hotel).
  • Toiletries (If you are particular about what you use – Celebrity Cruises provides you with premium toiletry options.)

The good news about cruising is that if you decide there’s an article of clothing you need, you can likely find something similar to it in the onboard boutique – then you can do your shopping during days at sea or in the morning or evenings without having to waste any precious sightseeing time in port!

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