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One of the things we pride ourselves on at Celebrity Cruises is our cuisine. From gourmet delicacies to healthy (but tasty!) spa cuisine to inventive dishes and more, the food offerings on our fleet of ships is what makes cruisers come back again and again to Celebrity Cruises.

While we are known for our one-of-a-kind specialty restaurants that offer everything from grill-your-own-steak to 3D mapping technology that seemingly brings your plate “alive” the cornerstone of most people’s dining experience on board our ships is the Main Dining room. Therefore, we make sure that experience doesn’t disappoint and you’ll enjoy world-class cuisine with a diverse array of flavors when dining in the Main Dining Room.

Here are a few more things to know about the Main Dining Room on board our ships.

The Main Dining Room Differs by Fleet

On the Solstice-class ships, the Main Dining Room is called Grand Epernay. It spans two decks with a middle staircase connecting the two levels that is located across from the 2-story wine tower.

The wine tower houses the many vintages offered on board and will also keep your own purchased bottle of wine at the perfect temperature for you in between meals. That’s because diners can order a bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner and if you don’t finish it, you can have the sommelier expertly cork it and deliver it to your table the following night.

Grand Epernay is decorated in chic silvers and purples that give it a cosmopolitan vibe that feels sophisticated, yet relaxing. A similar main dining room is also on Constellation-class ships.

Our new Edge-class is revolutionizing the Main Dining Room experience on board our fleet. Starting with Celebrity Edge, the Edge-class ships will feature four main dining rooms:

Cyprus: Greek-inspired cuisine with a sleek, understated dining room.

Tuscan: Italian cuisine with a modern European ambiance.

Normandie: French-inspired cuisine reminiscent of the Murano specialty restaurant on board the Constellation-class and Solstice-class.

Cosmopolitan: American fusion cuisine with a sophisticated dining room inspired by Grand Epernay.

What Time Do You Dine in the Main Dining Room?

When booking a Celebrity Cruises sailing, you have a few different options for reserving times for dining. We have two main seating times: an early seating and a late seating (typically 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. respectively).

These seating times coincide with the nightly entertainment in the theatre and if you dine at 6 p.m. you’ll have the chance to catch the 9 p.m. show, while if you dine at 8:30 you can watch the 7 p.m. show before heading to the dining room.

A benefit of the set seating time is that you’ll get the same table and same wait staff each night, which gives you some familiarity with your dining experience on the cruise and provides a sense of a home away from home while you’re sailing at sea.

In addition to set dining we offer a Select Dining option that is perfect for those who don’t mind a new table each night and prioritize flexibility. Select Dining is available to a limited number of passengers and those who enroll in the Select Dining program can call the maître d daily to reserve a time that best fits with when they want to dine on that particular day. For those sailing on the Edge-class you can also specify a different Main Dining Room restaurant each day.

Cuisine and Drinks in the Main Dining Room

The cuisine in Grand Epernay changes nightly and incorporates flavor influences from all around the world, with many of the menu items reflecting the region of the world your current itinerary is sailing through. While on a Mediterranean cruise, for example, you could have an Italian appetizer followed by a Spanish entrée, and finished off with a French-inspired dessert.

The cuisine in the four Main Dining Rooms of the Edge-class has a couple highlighted entrees that go along with the theme of the restaurant on the menu each night. These options change nightly. There are also traditional and signature entrees that are included on the menu each night and these are the same regardless of the restaurant in which you dine.

No matter which ship you sail on, you’ll have the luxury of a sommelier coming around to your table each night. With a set seating time, you’ll have the same sommelier each evening, so your sommelier will get to know you and your preferences and can recommend the perfect wine to go with your meal.

Start Planning Your Culinary Experience at Sea

Begin planning your cruise today and get your taste buds watering for the cuisine you can enjoy on your Celebrity Cruises vacation. Visit Celebrity Cruises to browse destinations or speak with your travel agent to find your perfect itinerary.

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