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Do you love a good drink while on vacation? Then you’ll love Go Big, Go Better, Go Best Pricing

When looking at the Go Big, Go Better, Go Best pricing for oceanview staterooms and higher categories onboard Celebrity Cruises, it might be tempting to go with the lowest pricing tier, which is an inside cabin. But not only will Go Big pricing give you the luxury of being able to see each new port of call from the privacy of your stateroom, you’ll also get considerable savings with each tier of Go Big, Go Better, Go Best that may actually save you money overall on your vacation.

Let’s take a look at just the drink package today. You might say, “well…I’ll just have a drink a day or I might not drink every day so it’s not really worth upgrading to get the beverage package.” However, be sure to think carefully about that thought pattern. Most people are going to have a couple drinks per day, possibly several during days at sea. You’re on vacation after all!

But — those drinks can add up quickly. With a drink package, you don’t need to be surprised by a higher than expected bar bill at the end of your cruise – you know what you’re spending each day in advance, which is $55 per night…OR with Go Big or Go Better pricing, you can automatically include the drink package if you choose it as one of your perks (find out more about how the pricing and perks work here). The Classic Beverage Package perk includes beer up to $6 per glass, wine up to $9 per glass, and liqueur / frozen drinks up to $8 per serving. Plus, with Go Best pricing, you’re automatically upgraded to a Premium Beverage Package (premium liquors, craft beer, and wine up to $13 per glass) and you get the three other perks!

Those three other perks are free gratuities, free unlimited Internet and up to $150 Onboard Credit to spend on spa treatments, shore excursions, and more. Since an Internet package is at least $299 on a 7-night cruise for the unlimited package you get as part of Go Best pricing, and gratuities are at least $12.95 per day, that means on a 7-night cruise you’re saving up to $578.50. As it’s typically less than $450 to upgrade (and sometimes less than $350) from Go Big pricing to Go Best pricing, it’s a great value to “Go Best!”

To book your Go Big, Go Better, or Go Best cruise, visit Celebrity Cruises or speak with your local travel agent.

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