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Celebrity Cruises Makes an Effort to Give Back through Sustainability Practices, Female Empowerment, and Foundation Support

Celebrity Cruises doesn’t just create amazing vacation experiences for travelers around the world. The cruise line also strives to make a difference in the world through positive change and conservation. Here are some of the ways Celebrity Cruises is achieving this.

Female Advancement in the Cruise Industry

Celebrity Cruises is led by President and CEO, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, and has many other management positions filled by women at its corporate headquarters. That’s not the only place you’ll find women in leadership positions at Celebrity Cruises, though; you’ll also find female captains at sea.

First Female Captain of a Mega-Cruise Ship

In 2015, Celebrity Cruises appointed the first American female captain of a mega-cruise ship. That captain is Kate McCue who now helms Celebrity Summit. Captain McCue is from San Francisco and has had a lustrous seafaring career.

First Female Captain in the Galapagos

Celebrity Cruises was also the first cruise line to appoint a female captain to helm a ship in the waters of the Galapagos. In 2017, Ecuadorian native Nathaly Albán was named as captain of Celebrity Xploration, a luxury catamaran-style cruise vessel that sails year-round itineraries in the Galapagos.

Speaking of the Galapagos, Celebrity Cruises is proactively working to bring responsible tourism to the Galapagos region, which brings us to the next way Celebrity Cruises is making a difference in the cruise industry and world.

Eco-Conscious Ships

Celebrity’ Cruises is currently building a new ship called Celebrity Flora that is specifically tailored to sail itineraries in the Galapagos Islands. Every inch of the ship has been designed with the Galapagos Islands in mind, both as a bucket list destination for guests and as a special area of the world that must be preserved.

To do the latter, Celebrity Cruises has made sure the ship won’t disturb the Galapagos' delicate ecosystem. An example of this is the anchor…or lack of anchor. Celebrity Flora will have an anchorless technology that will secure the ship’s position while leaving the sea floor intact.

Care for the earth extends to all of Celebrity Cruises’ ships. The entire fleet operates under the guidelines of Save the Waves, which is a foundation put together by Celebrity Cruises’ parent company, Royal Caribbean International, to ensure the company is doing its part to protect the marine ecosystem. Save the Waves focuses on four main components:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: This also includes proper disposal of any waste.

Practice Pollution Prevention: This means NEVER throwing anything overboard plus other ways to prevent pollutants from entering the water.

Go Above and Beyond Compliance: Celebrity Cruises goes beyond standard regulations to help keep the oceans clean.

Continuous Improvement: This component of Save the Water recognizes change is always occurring both in the ocean and for conservation best practices and Save the Water will need to adapt and innovate when needed.

Click here to find out more about these four aspects of Save the Waves and other information about the foundation.

Part of taking care of the oceans is taking care of the animals that call it home, which is why Celebrity Cruises follows the initiatives led by the partnership of its parent company, Royal Caribbean International, with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Ways in which Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International work with the WWF is to reduce the environmental footprint from its cruise ships, particularly through reducing emissions and sourcing sustainable seafood for restaurants on board.

New targets are continually being introduced for Celebrity Cruises to continue to support the WWF in its work to protect and conserve the oceans, from the coral reefs on the sea bottom and the sea life that call those reefs home to the mammals in the deep blue sea to the land animals that interact with the ocean from the coastline.

New Ship, New Foundation to Support

Celebrity Cruises also looks for ways to give back to the world and its communities through carefully chosen foundations that aren’t just environmentally based.

One way Celebrity Cruises is doing this is through its recent partnership with the Malala Fund. The Malala Fund’s mission is to bring a free and safe 12-year education to all girls in every part of the world. The foundation was started by 20-year-old Malala Yousafzai, who is a Nobel Laureate and U.N. Messenger of Peace. Celebrity Cruises is also honored to have named her the Godmother of Celebrity Edge, the newest cruise ship from Celebrity Cruises that will begin sailing cruise itineraries in the Caribbean in November of 2018.

To reserve your stateroom or suite on Celebrity Edge or another Celebrity Cruises ship, visit our cruise planning page or speak with your travel agent. You can also visit Celebrity Cruises’ website to learn more about Celebrity Cruises’ sustainability practices, awards and accolades, and safety and security measures. You’ll soon see why Celebrity Cruises is a smart, eco-conscious way to have a cruise vacation.

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