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You’ve settled on a cruise destination. Now it’s time to select a cabin on your cruise. Each Celebrity cruise stateroom comes with the basics: a bed, a bathroom, a TV, and place to store your clothing. After that, the sky’s the limit as far as the amount of space you’re looking for, and whether you want a view or a balcony. Here are five things to consider when choosing your cabin.

1. Size Matters
If you’re planning on being poolside or at the disco most of the cruise, you can probably opt for a smaller stateroom. But if you’re a homebody and need some quiet time in your cruise cabin, obviously you’re going to want to look at roomier options. Celebrity offers various cabin classes: suites, Aqua Class, Concierge Class, Veranda, Ocean View, and Inside.

Each stateroom and suite onboard Celebrity includes the following world-class amenities that all contribute to your modern luxury experience.

Suites offer the most space of the cabin classes, with several different layouts to choose from. Penthouse Suites offer nearly 1,700 square feet of space for your enjoyment. Signature Suites come with 559 square feet of space. Sky Suites feature 308 square feet of space. All Suites come with other perks, including personal butler service, reserved seats for Evening Chic theater nights, priority check-in and debarkation, and more.

At 248 square feet, Aqua Class cabins come with slightly less interior space than Suites, but do feature a 54-square-foot veranda. Additionally, Aqua Class stateroom guests can take advantage of Blu, their exclusive onboard restaurant, unlimited access to the Persian Garden spa lounge, and many other signature touches.

Concierge Class gives you 246 square feet and lots of amenities, including personalized concierge service and main and specialty restaurant seating time preferences.

With Verandas, you can choose from the five different configurations. The Family Veranda offers ample indoor and outdoor space, clocking in at around 679 feet.

Ocean View staterooms give you 175 square feet of living space with a view. And Inside cabins, which are exactly what they sound like, an interior stateroom without a window or balcony, offer about the same amount of space as the Ocean View staterooms, and area a great value.

2. Location, Location, Location
When selecting your stateroom, think about what cruise activities you’ll most likely be engaged in while you’re onboard. Are you a fitness junkie? Like to be close to the pool? Or someone who wants a great view? Consult your ship’s map to find the cabins closest to where you’ll be spending the most time. Conversely, if you prefer a little more peace and quiet, you’ll want to select a cabin that’s the farthest away from all of the action (the pool, for example).

If you suffer from motion sickness, your cabin location can make a big difference. Aside from packing a few items to keep the queasiness at bay (think: ginger chews, antihistamines, wrist bands, and Scopalomine patches), consider a lower cabin closer to the center of the ship (also known as “midship” in nautical terms) for a more stable ride. Bonus: If someone in your party has a mobility issue or you’re traveling with strollers and little ones, midship cabins also offer the shortest walk to the elevators.

Since smoking is prohibited in staterooms, smokers will likely want to pick a cabin near the designated smoking areas on board. And finally, if you’re traveling in a group, be sure to book early to reserve multiple cabins near friends or family.

3. Do You Need a View?
It may cost a little more, but if your dream cruise experience involves gazing out your window or balcony at the endless blue ocean, then it’s money well spent. If budget is a concern, you can opt for an obstructed or partially obstructed view cabin, which can offer a great value.

If you want a cruise cabin with a balcony, we’ve got a lot of options for you. Aft-facing balconies (that’s toward the rear of the ship in layman’s terms) are prized for their views from the stern, or back, of the ship. A side bonus of selecting a room with a view? Keeping your eye on the horizon can help to reset your inner ear and keep seasickness at bay. Extra points if you can go outside or open that window to let in some fresh air.

Another thing to consider is what side of the ship you’ll be on when you’re in port. If you have a window or a balcony, select a cabin on the port side (which will be on the left when the facing the bow or forward part of the ship) for an unbeatable view of Venice, Italy, say, on European Cruises. Also bear in mind that if you choose a cabin with a window or balcony, which deck you’re on can also affect your view.

4. Family Travel
Celebrity offers some of the most spacious staterooms on the high seas, and the family veranda stateroom is designed to give families the privacy and room they need. On our Celebrity Solstice ships, you’ll get 575 feet of space and two bedrooms, a large balcony, one bathroom, and a pullout sofa in the living area. These cabins can also be connected to other cabins on your cruise.

On the Millennium class ships, the staterooms are smaller at 210 square feet, but still include two lower beds that can be converted to a queen, floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass doors, and a sitting area with two sofa sleepers and a privacy partition between the sleeping areas. Suite class cabins and up also have a full-size bathtub, a definite perk for families with small children. Complimentary Pack ‘n Plays are also available on request. And you can take advantage of in-room babysitting in the evenings or while the ship is in port for up to three children for $30/hour.

5. Is Cost a Concern?
If you’re on a budget, look for deals or book early. Interior cabins are generally the least expensive. If you’re okay with a bit of a gamble, consider opting for the guaranteed cabin category, which usually offer the best value. You select the category of cabin and we select your cabin. You save money for being flexible, and sometimes even get upgraded to a better cruise cabin.

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