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Plan the Anniversary Cruise of Your Dreams

If you have a special anniversary coming up that you want to celebrate by traveling, a cruise will let you explore new destinations while also giving you time to relax and reconnect.

Here are some special things to do during an anniversary cruise to make it unforgettable.

Renew Your Vows During Your Anniversary Cruise

One way to make your anniversary cruise memorably special is to renew your vows during it. Celebrity Weddings makes it especially easy and hassle-free to plan cruises for special occasions.

Celebrity Weddings is Celebrity Cruises’ event planning service for those wishing to get married or renew their vows at sea or while in port.

With Celebrity Weddings, you can plan a special day that is as intimate or as party-filled as you’d like. Renew your vows just the two of you or invite all your friends and family along for the celebration. You can even host a reception onboard the ship after your vow renewal for friends and family as a way of thanking them for supporting you throughout your relationship.

You can choose to have your vow renewal at sea and be married by the ship captain or in land where your vows will be conducted by a pre-arranged officiant. Your Celebrity Weddings Event Manager will help you choose the location that makes the most sense for your vow renewal desires and which are offered for your itinerary.

Choose a Stateroom or Suite for Your Anniversary Cruise That’s Made for Romance

Celebrity Cruises puts an emphasis on comfort and style when designing the stateroom and suites onboard its fleet of ships. This caters to couples well since it means you’ll enjoy being in your room and having alone time just the two of you so you.

For a memorably luxurious anniversary cruise, go all out and book you and your beloved into a suite. Celebrity Cruises has a variety of suites to choose from, most of which have completely separate living and sleeping areas for extra space.

Plus, each suite on Celebrity Cruises comes with butler service. Utilize butler service to amplify the romance during your cruise. Your butler can deliver a bottle of Champagne to your room to celebrate your anniversary or serve you a multi-course dinner on your private veranda, featuring menu items from the Main Dining Room or your choice of specialty restaurant.

You’ll also have access to areas of the ship only open to Suite Class guests, including Michael’s Bar (a lounge that includes a concierge desk) and Luminae, a gourmet restaurant you won’t find anywhere else on the ship.

If a suite isn’t in your budget, opt for a veranda stateroom and still feel fabulously pampered. A veranda is wonderful to have during an anniversary cruise as it gives you your own special area with sea breezes and incredible views that you can enjoy as you have quiet conversations reminiscing about your past and dreaming about what the future holds for the two of you.

With Celebrity Cruises’ new ship, Celebrity Edge, the veranda staterooms are even more incredible thanks to the new Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda. These staterooms blur the line between indoor and outdoor living by making the veranda access easy. With a simple push of a button, the exterior wall of your room will completely open up, turning your entire stateroom into an al fresco setting, perfect for a romantic breakfast in bed or evening cocktail while you watch the sunset from the privacy of your room.

Celebrity Edge is also home to the new Edge Villa, a fabulous loft accommodation that features panoramic views from floor to ceiling windows spanning two stories. Edge Villas also have an expansive terrace and private plunge pool overlooking the sea, making it perfect for couples looking for relaxation and romance during an anniversary cruise.

Onboard Activities for Fun, Relaxation, and Reconnecting

There are many onboard activities to help make your anniversary cruise one you’ll never forget.

Book a couples massage in the sumptuous spa, reserve dining times in the specialty restaurant featuring both of your favorite cuisine, and lounge by the pool together before furthering your relaxation in one of the hot tubs.

You can also join a wine tasting class, do an art tour, attend fabulous shows in the theatre, dance the night away in the onboard dance club, and many more fun and interesting activities.

Sail to Bucket List Destinations During Your Anniversary Cruise

Have the two of you always talked about going to Italy together or exploring Australia hand in hand -- or some other exotic destination around the world? Celebrity Cruises can take you there in style thanks to its many itineraries sailing to a plethora of destinations around the world, with ample opportunity for romance and reconnecting during your cruise.

Celebrity Cruises has many overnight ports of call all around the world. These overnight ports give you the chance to experience the culture of a destination both during the day and after the sun goes down. The extra time in port is great for couples to have a date night in port like nothing they’ve experience before.

Celebrity Cruises’ shore excursions make it easy to maximize your time in port, whether during the day or at night. You can choose from adventurous, educational, and relaxing shore excursions. You can also opt to do a Private Journeys shore excursion, which lets you customize your day in port right down to a private helicopters and plane rides. It’s an especially fun way to make your anniversary celebration memorable and tailored to exactly how you want it with as much pampering as the two of you desire.

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Ready to turn those bucket list dreams for your anniversary cruise into reality and romance? Use Celebrity Cruises’ #BookItList booking platform to effortlessly plan your dream cruise vacation. You can search for your perfect itinerary and accommodation and reserve it along with airfare and activities all in one convenient place.

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