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11 Reasons Why Celebrity Edge is a Game Changer for Cruising

If you think you know all there is to know about cruising, think again. Our newest cruise ship, Celebrity Edge, is transforming blue water cruising and the type of experience you can expect to have at sea. Even if you think you do know a lot about Celebrity Edge, you may not know these fun facts about our innovative ship that will be sailing Mediterranean and Caribbean cruise itineraries during its first year at sea.

The Design of Celebrity Edge

When designing Celebrity Edge, we wanted to make it outward facing and tie in the ocean and the air as much as possible to the ship.

From windows that span three stories and a multitude of sun decks to staterooms and suites that have a focus on the outdoors, the design of the ship was created to make you feel like you’re right in the middle of nature.

After all, you will be in the middle of the sea, and you should feel more like you’re sailing on a luxury yacht than a big, landlocked resort. Celebrity Edge will highlight all the best parts of sea life: the air, salt, and sun.

There are some key ways you’ll see this design stand out. The first is with the Magic Carpet, a moving platform cantilevered over the side of the ship that lets you literally drink and dine right over the ocean with an al fresco ambiance.

The pool deck is also incredible with surrounding sea views. There are also pool cabanas that you can rent that face out toward the water. The hot tubs are elevated above the pool deck due to their martini-glass shape and provide panoramic views of your surroundings when you sit in them.

These are just some of the ways you’ll get to appreciate nature and the scenery on your itinerary when sailing with Celebrity Edge. You’ll have an incredible time exploring the ship and encountering even more nature surprises.

The Spa on Celebrity Edge

Those who have sailed on our other ships and experienced the pampering of Canyon Ranch Spa at Sea and the Persian Garden relaxation room know that we aim to offer an immersive spa experience that lets you completely escape and unwind with a large collection of treatments.

The Spa (just referred to as “The Spa” – no other name needed) on board Celebrity Edge continues the high-end feel of our spa offerings, but takes it even further with the name you will want to remember: the SEA Thermal Suite.

The SEA Thermal Suite is an innovative, luxurious approach to the standard spa relaxation room. You’ll still have a to-be-expected relaxation room with heated tile lounge chairs that face windows overlooking the ocean, but that’s far from all.

The SEA Thermal Suite has eight different rooms that are laid out in a manner that makes it easy to drift from one to the next and get each room’s therapeutic benefit. Here are the rooms you can relax in: Hamman, Crystalarium, Salt Room, Steam Room, Infrared Sauna Room, Float Room, Heated Tile Loungers, and Rainfall Water Therapy Room.

Unlimited access to the SEA Thermal Suite is included in AquaClass staterooms. Guests not staying in AquaClass staterooms can get one of the limited number of day passes available for the SEA Thermal Suite for an additional fee.

The Infinite Verandas

If you’ve been following the launch of Celebrity Edge, you’ve likely heard about the game-changing Infinite Verandas and how they help to bring the outside world in for cruisers. The Infinite Verandas aren’t just a gimmick; it’s a design feat that you’ll marvel at once on board. These verandas really do open up your entire stateroom to the blissful ambiance of the outdoors.

If the term Infinite Veranda is new to you, let us introduce you to this aspect of our balcony staterooms that is the most revolutionary. We already discussed how the design of Celebrity Edge is outward facing. In the common spaces, this results in floor to ceiling windows and ample outdoor deck space. However, in the staterooms, it’s a bit trickier. Traditionally, balcony doors are clunky and opening them means first dealing with a bulky curtain, sidestepping a coffee table, and fumbling with a latch.

In our new Infinite Veranda Staterooms, the process of using your veranda and getting some fresh air is fluid and effortless.

Picture this: you step into your room and the light is gleaming through the floor to ceiling window. There is no break in the view except for a thin bar stretching across it just below the middle of the view (which serves as the balcony railing). You walk over to the view and hit a button on the wall next to the window. The glass separating you and that view suddenly becomes alive and the top part of the divide begins to come down, bringing with it the sounds and salty smell of the sea. You rest your elbows on the railing and peer out at the tranquil horizon view. Then you sit down in one of the veranda chairs and enjoy the cocktail you brought with you from the Martini Bar before getting up to get ready for dinner.

As you get ready, you leave the veranda open and feel like you are doing your hair and applying your makeup in an al fresco setting. The area where the veranda furniture sits feels more like a sunroom and you’re able to enjoy the view from every part of your stateroom when you’re not in the bathroom.

That night, you hit another button to lower the shade so you can blissfully sleep in on your vacation. In the morning, you effortlessly open the blinds and lower the window to turn it back into a veranda. Your stateroom bed suddenly feels like a beach bed as you see the sea and hear the sounds of that day’s port of call. You eventually get up, feeling rejuvenated and ready to explore the destination you can easily see out your veranda from wherever you are in your stateroom.

So – how does that sound? Pretty blissful, right? And that’s just our Edge Staterooms with Infinite Verandas. If you want to hear how Celebrity Edge’s suites defy expectation, read on.

The Suites on Celebrity Edge

Here are some things you’ll want to know about the suites onboard Celebrity Edge.

1. Suite Class guests get exclusive access to the Retreat, a private area of the ship that is just for Suite guests. The Retreat has its own sun deck, a private pool, and convenient location just above the spa. Suite Class guests also have their own exclusive specialty restaurant, which basically serves as the Main Dining Room for suite guests. This restaurant is Luminae and it has high-end, gourmet ingredients in dishes you won’t find anywhere else on board.

2. The Edge Villa has a private plunge pool, a loft bedroom overlooking two stories of windows, and also has a door that leads straight out to the Retreat.

3. The Iconic Suite has a massive terrace complete with a hot tub, sun bed, and an assortment of deck chairs. Inside, the style of the suite is sleek, yet comfortable with floor to ceiling windows that form an outwardly facing V-shape that maximizes your view of the outdoors, whether you’re lying in bed or relaxing in the living room.

4. The Reflection Suite has two bedrooms separate from the living space that makes it ideal for families or couples traveling together.

5. Other suite categories that are popular within our fleet – like the Royal Suite, Penthouse Suite, and Sky Suite – are also on Celebrity Edge, but with an Edge-twist that incorporates an outward facing design and chic, soothing décor.

The Single Staterooms on Celebrity Edge

The single supplement – a phrase bemoaned by solo travelers everywhere. We heard your pain and want to make solo cruising more accessible for travelers who don’t have a partner readily available to sail the seas with them, which is why we added Single Staterooms onto Celebrity Edge.

These rooms also aren’t relegated to the inside stateroom corridor, either, like you may have seen on other ships. We get that solo travelers also probably want some extra luxuries and outside ambiance. That’s why on Celebrity Edge, you’ll find our single staterooms are also veranda staterooms.

Our Edge Single Staterooms with Infinite Verandas feature a queen size bed, separate bathroom, comfortable seating area, and a veranda. It’s basically the same as our double-occupancy rooms – just a bit narrower and with a slightly smaller bathroom. It’s just the right size (and price!) for guests traveling on their own, or who want their own space on board.

These single staterooms are limited and will likely be popular, so if you know you want to be sailing away on a solo cruise in the near future, don’t delay too long to book and risk having the single staterooms be sold out for your preferred date and itinerary.

The Fun Celebrity Edge Chairs

Look closely at your surroundings when you get aboard Celebrity Edge and you’ll soon notice all of the unique and intricate chair designs.

From colorful chairs in Eden to a swinging ring-shaped chair in the Iconic Suite to the floating chairs in the SEA Thermal Suite, plus a myriad of different chairs in each of the four Main Dining Rooms that perfectly fit each restaurant’s theme, it’s a delight to take a seat and relax.

With so many secluded nook and crannies on the ship, you’ll have a fun time exploring until you find your perfect spot to sit and read or journal.

The Art on Celebrity Edge

Don’t just bypass the art on display in the ship thinking it’s just standard hotel décor. Pay attention and you’re in for some fun surprises.

For example, keep your eyes on the look-out for some stand-out art, and you’ll spy a work that looks like it’s paint dripping down onto the floor below. In another area of the ship, you’ll see what looks like a design accent on the wall that actually opens up to beams of the ship’s structure when you look through the openings in it. Cleverly placed mirrors will also have you wondering if you’re staring down multiple decks along the ship’s outer wall.

Other artwork you’ll see on Celebrity Edge is even for sale and available for purchase during the onboard art auction.

The Cocktails at Eden

The cocktails on board Celebrity Edge are what you’ve come to expect from us: expertly crafted with high-end, creative ingredients. However, the cocktails at Eden take things to a whole new level of finesse.

Browse the cocktail menu at Eden and you’ll quickly see a theme emerging: they are all named after natural elements. Some of the drink names you’ll find are Earth, Air, and Clouds. Each cocktail is served in its own specially designed glass and each of the garnishes are painstakingly chosen to provide the perfect finishing touch to the cocktail. Those garnishes are fresh and grown right onsite in Eden’s wall garden.

When you see peas perfectly lined on a toothpick or pink petals beautifully scattered atop a cocktail made with Earl Grey tea and rose water, you may wonder how you’ll ever be able to drink a less artistic cocktail again.

The presentation doesn’t stop at the garnishes. Each drink is presented in different glassware, ranging from cubic glasses to Japanese teacups to a glass in the perfect shape of an apple (there’s a small hole on one side where the drink is cleverly poured in). One of the drinks is even created in a watering can and then poured into your glass right in front of you, which perpetuates the nature and immersive theme of Eden.

No matter which drink you order, one thing is likely: the cocktails at this unique bar along with the ambiance of the lounge will be a memorable part of your cruise.

The Performance Art You'll See

The entertainment you’ll encounter on Celebrity Edge is an immersive experience unlike any you’ve seen at sea before.

Take Eden, for starters. It’s not just a place to sip creative cocktails. While enjoying those exquisitely prepared drinks in the evening you’ll be joined by “Edenists,” crew members who are outfitted in nature-inspired garb who will interact with you in delightful ways while you are in the lounge. They’ll also make their way to the elevated platform in the middle of the room for mesmerizing performances that combine performance art, acrobatics, and dazzling light displays.

Beyond Eden, you’ll find live music around the ship, some intriguing characters in the Club, and incredible theatre shows.

The music shows in the theater will have you dancing in your seat while you’re wowed by the incredible vocals of the performers and their expert dance and acrobatic moves. The caliber of our theater performers are top-notch and you might even find yourself wondering if you’re watching the next big star before they become famous. In fact, one of the current headliners for Celebrity Edge is someone you may have already seen on TV: Marcus Terell, who was a semifinalist on America’s Got Talent.

The Club on Celebrity Edge

If you’ve found the dance clubs on cruise ships to be a bit small and uninspiring in the past, then Celebrity Edge is your ship. The Club has the flair of a big-city nightlife hot spot combined with the swankiness of a VIP lounge. You’ll be able to head there until the early hours of the morning to dance the night away.

The Club spans two levels and has lounge seating on the second floor that overlooks the dance floor below. The DJ booth is also elevated above the dance floor so you can watch the DJ spin the perfect beats to rev up the guests for a night of drinks and dancing.

Next to the dance floor is another lounge that is adjacent to a long bar where you can order cocktails and other popular libations. The Club has a futuristic vibe, and the custom cocktail drinks on the menu reflect this theme. Try one of these fun creations and then hit up the modern dance floor.

The Class of Ships

Celebrity Edge is the first ship in our new Edge-class. So if all the things you just learned about Celebrity Edge excite you, you’ll have a chance to sail even more itineraries on sister ships to Celebrity Edge in the coming years. The next ship in the Edge-class is Celebrity Apex, which is scheduled to make its maiden voyage in April 2020. Two more Edge-class ships will join the fleet in 2021 and 2022.

We are so excited about the luxurious, innovative nature of the Edge-class that we are even applying some of its aspects to our entire fleet. Both our Solstice-class and Millennium-class of ships will be getting “revolutionized” over the next five years as part of our Celebrity Revolution initiative.

The Celebrity Revolution will be revitalizing our entire fleet of ships with updates that aren’t just a makeover or refurbishment; it’s all about modernizing our ships for today’s discerning traveler.

All of the suites and staterooms will be getting a design update led by Kelly Hoppen, a renowned interior designer who spearheaded the design for Celebrity Edge’s beautiful and comfortable public spaces, and boutique-style staterooms.

Suite guests will also now have access to the Retreat on all our ships. The Retreat is a new exclusive space introduced on Celebrity Edge that is just for Suite-class guests. It is a luxurious, fresh space with a relaxing sundeck and VIP-feeling lounge, also designed by Hoppen.

The casino, spa, library, and some of the other bars and public areas on our fleet will also be getting a new look. For the spa, you’ll see some additional relaxation rooms added to make it more like the SEA Thermal Suite; it’s a big plus for AquaClass guests and others planning to frequently utilize the spa during their vacation.

The Celebrity Revolution is launching in 2019 and the first ship to undergo the process will be Celebrity Millennium. All other ships will be revolutionized over the next five years.

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