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Picking the Right Cruise Ship Cabin Can Have a Massive Impact on Your Cruise

Think picking a cruise ship cabin is just about inside vs. outside staterooms and studios vs. suites? Think again. When selecting a cabin you’ll want to figure out what type of experience and convenience you'd like to have on board. Once you know the type of cabin that's best for you, selecting it still requires additional thought since where that cabin is on the ship can also make a difference depending on your needs and wants. We are going to break that down for you in this article so you pick the best cruise stateroom or suite for you and your travel partners.

In addition, Celebrity Cruises takes a typical balcony cabin and elevates it into a myriad of options, which we’ll discuss as well. Read on and become an expert at picking your cruise ship cabin!

Cruise Ship Cabin 101

First, let’s look at the typical types of cruise ship accommodations and who they’re best for. Keep in mind that most cabins can sleep two adults and two children or three adults due to the couch in the room being able to pull out into a bed.

Outside or Oceanview Stateroom

Ideal for those who are on a bit of a budget, but still want to be able to see the passing scenery from their stateroom. Outdoor staterooms will have a window (or sometimes a porthole) overlooking the sea.

Inside Stateroom

These staterooms are located on the interior of the ship and don’t have any windows. Budget travel seekers who don’t plan on spending much time in their cabin may want to consider this option.

Veranda Stateroom

A common sentiment among cruisers is that once you sail in a cabin with a balcony, it’s hard to ever go back to staying in an outside or inside stateroom. That is because it provides you with your own private outdoor space. You can sit out on your veranda and enjoy the sea breeze and port views as you sip your coffee in the morning or enjoy a glass of wine and sunset views in the evening.


For those who want extra space, a suite is an ideal cruise accommodation. Suites typically have a separation between the sleeping and living space, many of which have actual bedrooms. Some suites even have multiple bedrooms, making them ideal for families who want extra space. Suites range in amenities and layout, but have one thing in common: they offer an ultra-luxurious cruise experience and are an excellent choice for discerning travelers who often stay in luxury hotels.

Connecting Staterooms

Similar to how hotel’s have rooms that can open up to each other with a connecting door, Celebrity Cruises also offers this perk on some of its cruise ships. Certain veranda staterooms have the ability to connect, which is a great solution for friends or multi-generational families traveling together who want to have easy access to each other to talk and hang out, but still have the option of privacy.

About Those Veranda Staterooms and Suites…

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t just one type of cruise ship veranda cabin or suite on board Celebrity Cruises. An array of categories are offered to appeal to a range of interests and travel personalities.

In addition to its standard Veranda staterooms, Celebrity Cruises offers AquaClass and Concierge Class staterooms.

AquaClass staterooms are ideal for spa lovers as they are located in a part of the ship close to the spa and include spa amenities in the cabin. You’ll also get unlimited access to the spa’s Persian Garden relaxation room and the exclusive onboard specialty restaurant, Blu, which serves spa-inspired cuisine with fresh, healthy ingredients.

Concierge Class staterooms are ideal for travelers who want an extra level of service. A Concierge Class stateroom provides you with personalized concierge service during your cruise plus priority check-in and priority debarkation, afternoon snack deliveries to your stateroom, seating time preferences, and other benefits.

Celebrity Cruises newest ship, Celebrity Edge, also has a unique veranda stateroom category: the Infinite Veranda. The goal of the Infinite Veranda is to blur the line between indoor and outdoor space by providing a veranda that completely opens to the rest of the room with a touch of a button.

When it comes to cruise suites, Celebrity Cruises has a variety of layouts, from two-level loft suites to Penthouse suites with grand pianos and hot tubs to Celebrity Edge’s Iconic Suites that are a massive 1,291 square feet with an additional 398 square feet of outdoor space.

The Location of Your Cruise Ship Cabin

One benefit of booking a cruise early is that it gives you more availability of where exactly on the ship you want to be your home base. It’s not just about booking a veranda stateroom; you’ll also want to decide if you want a veranda stateroom that is right next to the elevators for easy access. Or maybe having a stateroom that is a quick walk to the pool is most important to you. Some staterooms have larger verandas (typically ones on the aft or bow of the ship) and some have partially blocked views, which may or may not be a big deal to you.

What level your stateroom is on also may be important to you. Some cruisers prefer lower levels as you’re less likely to feel any rocking while the ship is in motion.

The main thing is to decide which aspects of the ship and your cruise experience are most important to you and then study the layout of the ship (deck plans of Celebrity Cruises’ ships can be found under each ship description page on its website) and then pick the stateroom that is best for you. Just remember that prime locations for specific stateroom categories can get reserved fast, which is why it’s ideal to book early if your stateroom location on the ship matters to you.

If you’re ready to book your cruise ship cabin now, Celebrity Cruises makes it easy for you. You can book your cruise accommodations, flights, and excursions all in one easy to use place thanks to Celebrity Cruises' #BookItList.

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