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Vacations that Transcend the Imagination

The perfect journey takes you to places unknown, beyond mere longitudes and latitudes. Celebrity cruise destinations allow you to explore all seven continents. Over 300 destinations in 79 countries. From the charm and history of locations like Marseille, France, to the rich culture of Asia, the rugged beauty of Alaska, and the dreamy beaches of the South Pacific. We can help you broaden your horizons. Let the journey begin.

You want to do more than simply observe the world. You can dive into it, climb it, relish its flavors and get to know its people. Celebrity Cruises® makes it easy for you to travel to your heart’s content with more overnight stays, personalized shore excursions, culinary adventures, and immersive multi-night vacation packages. With the breadth of our vacation destinations, the world is yours for the taking. Choose your next cruise destination and begin planning now.

One of the most amazing things about traveling the world is that even your highest expectations suddenly pale in comparison to what unfolds before your eyes. Awe-inspiring landscapes. Colorful sites, flavors, and cultures that that can change your perceptions and maybe even change your soul. We’ve opened up the world in ways you’ve never even dreamed of..

Where We Sail


Explore the Last Frontier

Learn More About Alaska Cruises   ›


Modern Wonders & Ancient Cultures

Learn More About Asia Cruises   ›

Australia & New Zealand

Adventure Down Under

Learn More About Australia & New Zealand Cruises   ›


Sand, Sun, and So Much More

Learn More About Bahamas Cruises   ›


This Small Island Packs a Big Punch

Learn More About Bermuda Cruises   ›

Canada & New England

Historic Charm Meets Natural Wonder

Learn More About Canada & New England Cruises   ›


Island Hop in Modern Luxury

Learn More About Caribbean Cruises   ›

Dubai and India

From the desert cities of the Arabian Peninsula to the wonders of India

Learn More About Dubai and India Cruises   ›


A New Take on the Old World

Learn More About Europe Cruises   ›


Discover Darwin's Legacy

Learn More About Galapagos Cruises   ›


Your Island Adventure Awaits

Learn More About Hawaii Cruises   ›

Panama Canal

Traverse Two Oceans

Learn More About Panama Canal Cruises   ›

Pacific Coastal

Sail on a ship as breathtaking as the Redwood Forests

Learn More About Pacific Coastal Cruises   ›

The Mediterranean

Get Immersed in History and Culture

Learn More About The Mediterranean Cruises   ›

South America

Explore South America in Modern Luxury

Learn More About South America Cruises   ›


Explore the Pacific

Learn More About Transpacific Cruises   ›


More Sea Days to Sail in Modern Luxury

Learn More About Transatlantic Cruises   ›