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Find out what European port you’ll enjoy cruising to based off of your favorite west coast city.

Love Portland? Cruise to Barcelona, Spain

Keep Portland weird, they say? Well, in Barcelona you’ll find some weird architecture. Ok, it’s not so much weird as amazing thanks to the architectural genius of the late Antoni Gaudi, but you’ll see some buildings and one very famous cathedral (the still being built Sagrada Familia) in Barcelona unlike any others you’ve come across. Like Portland’s culinary-rich Richmond neighborhood and proximity to lush forests, Barcelona also has a myriad of restaurants and mesmerizing natural sites to see, from the many tapas bars on La Rambla to the Montserrat rocks a short distance from the city center.

Love San Diego? Cruise to Malaga, Spain

Though not quite as world-famous as its Barcelona neighbor to the north (similar to San Diego compared to LA), Malaga, Spain, has a Spanish charm and ambiance all its own – mostly thanks to its gorgeous beaches. Like the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, the city of Malaga has a vibrant downtown area. Stretching out from the city center are miles upon miles of sandy beaches. Resorts and small beach neighborhoods dot the coastal landscape as waves from the Mediterranean sea crash upon the shoreline.

Love Los Angeles? Cruise to Cannes, France

Not only is Cannes home to a famous film festival, it also has the upscale yet laidback prestige that Los Angeles is known for. Cannes also has beaches and boardwalks bordering bistros and gourmet restaurants. You can find a variety of high-end shopping down La Croisette. Though Cannes doesn’t have LA’s sprawl, you’re still in driving distance of a variety of different types of neighborhoods and scenery. Just like from LA you can access the hiking trails and wine tasting rooms of Malibu or high-end country life of Calabasas, in Cannes you can drive a short distance to the vineyards of Provence or the promenade of Nice.

Love San Francisco? Cruise to Lisbon, Portugal

Hilly San Francisco and its charming cable cars has a counterpoint in Lisbon thanks to the Portuguese city’s bright yellow tram that zigzags visitors up and down hills through the city. In San Francisco you can head to Golden Gate Park for panoramic views while in Lisbon, the best viewpoint is from the ruins of St. George’s Castle. San Francisco has a variety of eclectic neighborhoods, ranging from Chinatown to Fisherman’s Wharf. You’ll find a variety of neighborhoods in Lisbon, too, with the most popular one to seek out being the medieval, meandering, cobblestoned Alfama District, which is also a popular area to find some of the local Fado music performances.

Love Seattle? Cruise to Stockholm, Sweden

Seattle has a marvelously scenic location thanks to being sandwiched between the salt water inlet of the Puget Sound and fresh water of massive Lake Washington. Seattle is also surrounded by many islands that are a short ferry ride away, ranging from wooded Bainbridge Island to the orca-habited San Juan Islands. If you love the way that water is entwined with the city of Seattle, you’ll also like Stockholm, a beautiful, stately city situated across 14 islands on an archipelago in the Baltic Sea. Stockholm has a bustling Old Town area with colorful medieval buildings and other historical sites. You can also explore the more natural side of the city by taking a boat around the islands and visiting Stockholm’s numerous gardens and parks.

Love Las Vegas? Cruise to Monaco

Ok, Las Vegas isn’t technically on the coast, but it’s close enough to be in driving distance of most of the cities listed so far. If you love Vegas getaways due to the glitz and gambling, you’ll love visiting Monaco. This tiny European principality is home to a glamorous casino plus gorgeous beaches and boulevards. If you enjoy Vegas entertainment, time your cruise to arrive in Monaco during the Monaco Grand Prix – you’ll get a fantastic show of cars and probably some prime viewing of the rich and famous.

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