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Why you should visit the Caribbean this winter

July 11, 2015

It’s currently summer and if you live in Southern California you’re no doubt spending as much time at the beach as you can. Therefore, it may be hard to remember that in a few short months that refreshing water is going to be cold and the weather really isn’t going to be hot enough to wear a swimsuit on the sand (much as we may want the rest of the country to think it is). When that happens and you find yourself missing leisurely summer days, you’ll be glad you acted now and booked a winter Caribbean cruise holiday.

Picture yourself visiting a different Caribbean island every day. Explore candy-colored port towns, lounge on soft white sand beaches, swim or snorkel in clear, turquoise water, and simply embrace the relaxing Caribbean lifestyle.

Plus, now you don’t need to stay in an all-inclusive resort on ONE island of the Caribbean in order to achieve Caribbean bliss with the ease of inclusivity thanks to Celebrity’s new pricing perks.

Go Big, Go Better, Go Best Pricing

With Celebrity Cruises, you can now choose how inclusive to make your cruise. The inclusivity begins on itineraries departing this October and so yes, includes all our winter Caribbean sailings! Here’s how it works:

Get to know the “perks.” There are four perks that can now be included in your cruise pricing and they are:

  • Classic Beverage Package (includes alcoholic beverages)
  • Daily Gratuities
  • Up to $150 Onboard Spending Credit
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Choose from three different pricing tiers. Each tier gets you different levels of an all-inclusive style cruise.

Go Big: Pick one perk.

Go Better: Pick two perks.

Go Best: Get all four perks plus an upgrade to a premium beverage package.

What are you waiting for? Sail away to warmer waters this winter on a Caribbean cruise holiday with an air of all-inclusiveness. To book your cruise, visit Celebrity Cruises or speak to your local travel agent.

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