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How to Make the Most of Your 7-Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise

The islands of the Eastern Caribbean make up a gorgeous part of the tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea, and a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise is a wonderful way to explore it. You’ll get to see first-hand the culture and landmarks that make the Eastern Caribbean a special part of the world.

Here are seven ways to make the most of your 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise for maximum fun and enjoyment.

Under the Sea and Beach Shore Excursions

Part of the allure of the Eastern Caribbean is its gorgeous sandy beaches bordered by translucent water in shimmering shades of turquoise. Take a shore excursion while in port to experience the sand and surf of the Eastern Caribbean in the way that fits you best.

You can scuba dive to new worlds under the sea, snorkel on the surface for the chance to see sea turtles and other animals, take a relaxing catamaran ride around the sea, or visit a beach club and lounge in a seaside chair all day while listening to the sound of the waves.

7-Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise for the Holidays

7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise itineraries are offered over the holidays, which is a great time of year to enjoy the surf and sunshine of this tropical region.

An Eastern Caribbean holiday cruise will include the usual island ports of call like St. Maarten and Antigua, but you’ll also get to have holiday fun while on board.

On a holiday cruise, you get to save yourself the hassle of cooking and have Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner served to you. The holiday dinners on board Celebrity Cruises include traditional items plus other options depending on what your taste buds are in the mood for.

Holiday cruises that sail over Christmas also have carolers on the ship to serenade you, holiday entertainment and shows, and a visit from Santa for the kids on board.

Natural Wonders

The ports of the Eastern Caribbean are home to some incredible natural wonders. Seek these out during your time in port on 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruises and get ready for some fantastic photo ops and adventures.

One of the top natural sites to see is Pic Paradis in St. Martin (the French side of the dual nationality island of St. Maarten/St. Martin). Pic Paradis is the highest point on the island and is lushly green with beautiful views. You can even zipline high above the canopies while there.

When you’re in San Juan, Puerto Rico you won’t want to miss seeing its bountiful rainforest while there if you love natural wonders. The El Yunque National Rainforest is home to a variety of animals and plants. It is easy to visit thanks to a Celebrity Cruises shore excursion.

Caribbean Cuisine: Onboard Dining and Chef’s Market Discoveries Shore Excursions

A tasty way to enjoy a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise is by sampling the region’s cuisine.

While in port, a great way to do this is on a Chef’s Market Discoveries shore excursion. These shore excursions are exclusive to Celebrity Cruises and take you out into town where you’ll visit a local market on the island and often a restaurant to do some tastings.

The highlight of a Chef’s Market Discoveries shore excursion is the chef part – a Celebrity Cruises chef from your ship will accompany you on the shore excursion and teach you all about the local food culture and popular ingredients there. Back on the ship, you’ll dine with the chef, who will create a special menu just for the guests on this particular shore excursion.

Shopping On and Off the Ship

Ready to shop ‘til you drop? You can do so easily on a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise. St. Maarten is known for its excellent duty free shopping, particularly when it comes to diamonds and other jewelry. St. Thomas is another Eastern Caribbean island known for its duty free shopping, which you easily find while walking around the cruise port of Charlotte Amalie.

In San Juan, you can find all types of shopping from high-end boutiques to large shopping centers to outlet malls. Whether you’re looking for unique souvenirs or Caribbean-style clothing, you’ll be able to find it while exploring San Juan.

Easy to Get to Embarkation Ports

When you sail on a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise with Celebrity Cruises, you can do so from embarkation ports that are easy to get to. Eastern Caribbean cruises depart from both Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida, both of which have numerous flights in and out of their city’s airports each day from airport hubs all around the United States.

Making it even easier to get to these embarkation ports is Flights by Celebrity.

Flights by Celebrity is Celebrity Cruises’ airfare booking service that gives an additional layer of ease and peace of mind to your cruise thanks to its focus on price, points, and protection.

The price feature of Flights by Celebrity saves you the hassle of hunting for the lowest airfare with its Lowest Airfare Guarantee. The points feature lets you choose your airline so you can book with or earn points. The protection feature of Flights by Celebrity is a huge advantage for cruisers as it provides you with access to a dedicated team of specialists who are available 24/7 to help you in the event of a flight interruption or cancellation. They will work on your behalf to get you booked onto the next available flight and to your cruise ship in time for embarkation.

7-Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Celebrity Edge

A truly spectacular way to experience a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise is on Celebrity Edge, the new ship from Celebrity Cruises that sails its maiden voyage in December of 2018.

Celebrity Edge will be sailing back to back Caribbean itineraries, which alternates between western and eastern Caribbean sailings, both of which are seven nights.

The Eastern Caribbean itinerary departs from Miami, Florida, and visits the ports of San Juan, Puerto Rico; Tortola, British Virgin Islands; and Philipsburg, St. Maarten. The itinerary also includes three days at sea, perfect for giving you time to explore all the innovative and amazing spaces on Celebrity Edge.

Some of the top things to do on Celebrity Edge include dining in Eden, an interactive and creative eating experience that fuses food with entertainment in ways you’ve never seen before; the Resort Deck and its sparkling pool, elevated whirlpools, and cabanas available to rent; and the Magic Carpet, a unique space cantilevered over the side of the ship that moves up and down throughout the day as it alternates between being a relaxing lounge and al fresco restaurant.

Guests of Celebrity Edge will also be amazed by the Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living, as well as the opulent suites on board.

Reserve Your Spot on a 7-Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise

To book an Eastern Caribbean sailing on Celebrity Edge or one of Celebrity Cruises’ other luxurious ships, visit Celebrity Cruises easy-to-use Caribbean cruise deals page and select your ideal sailing and accommodation type. You can also reserve your flights and activities at the same time, making for a hassle-free planning process so that you’ll soon be sailing away on your Caribbean vacation.

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