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Book a Bermuda Cruise and Start Dreaming in Shades of Aqua and Pink...

The Caribbean islands often get all the love when it comes to tropical cruises, but there’s another island, actually, a series of island to be exact, a little farther north of the Caribbean that should be on your cruise radar: The Islands of Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory.

Located far off the coast of the south-eastern United States to the east of the Carolinas, Bermuda is a welcoming island brimming with both woodlands and beaches and surrounded by the gorgeous blue hues of the Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda has a lot to offer travelers, whether you're looking for rest and relaxation or adventure and delicious cuisine, and a cruise is an excellent way to get there. Here are 10 of the top reasons why you should book a Bermuda cruise with Celebrity Cruises.

Reason #1: Overnights in Port

Celebrity Cruises’ Bermuda itineraries include overnights in port, meaning time to explore Bermuda during the day as well as being able experience its evening culture and nightlife after the sun goes down. Depending on the itinerary, you may have numerous overnights in port during your cruise to Bermuda.

Reason #2: Cruise to Bermuda on Celebrity Summit

Celebrity Summit is the Celebrity Cruises ship that currently sails Bermuda Cruise itineraries. Celebrity Summit was recently stunningly redesigned as part of the $500 milllion Celebrity Revolution. You’ll revel in modern luxury everywhere on the ship, starting with redesigned staterooms and suites that feature eXhale™ bedding and Cashmere℠ mattresses, soft under-cabinet lighting, and improved in-room connectivity.

Luxuriate in The Spa’s wellness-focused design and offerings, including Turkish bath and salt therapy, and at the Retreat, an exclusive new sanctuary for Suite Class guests that includes a chic open-air hideaway, The Retreat Sundeck.

Redesigned bars and lounges including the Rendezvous Lounge and the Sunset Bar, feature seating that invites convivial company as well as nooks for quiet time. For enhanced culinary pleasure, the Main Dining room redesign is nothing short of spectacular, and the OceanView Cafe has an open and airy international marketplace concept featuring foods from around the globe.

Even onboard shopping has been revolutionized, as we’ve added new, upscale retail boutiques for your shopping pleasure.

Reason #3: Book a Bermuda Cruise that Departs From New Jersey

You don’t need to fly down to Florida for a tropical island cruise. Book a Bermuda cruise with Celebrity Cruises and you’ll sail south from Cape Liberty, New Jersey. This makes it a convenient cruise for travelers from the northeast United States, many of whom can even drive to the embarkation port.

If you live elsewhere, this is still a great embarkation port as most airport hubs around the country have many flights into Newark airport, the airport from which it’s easiest to get to Cape Liberty Cruise Port. Flights by Celebrity can help you find the most affordable flight from your home airport.

In addition to Bermuda, other ports you may visit when sailing to and from Bermuda out of Cape Liberty, New Jersey, are Charleston, South Carolina and Newport, Rhode Island.

We’ve covered the logistics of getting there…now it’s time to find out what all you can do on your vacation when you book a Bermuda cruise.

Reason #4: Outdoor Activities

Bermuda has fresh air activities to satisfy any outdoor enthusiast. You can rent a bike and ride along the Railway Trail, a former train track that has been converted into an awesome walking or cycling trail that goes from one end of the island to the other. While in Bermuda, you can also partake in prime cliff diving, rock climbing, and kayaking.

Reason #5: Docks in Maritime History

Celebrity Summit pulls into port at King's Wharf, which is part of Bermuda’s Royal Naval Dockyard, which used to be a Royal Navy stronghold for the British military and played a strategic role during the War of 1812. Today, you’ll find shops, restaurants, and museums tucked into its historic buildings and landscape.

If you’re a history buff who wants to learn more about Bermuda’s past, you can also spend some of your time in Bermuda on the other side of the island in the town of St. George's, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site. St. George's is still home to 18th century colonial buildings from when the first English settlers came to Bermuda.

Reason #6: Bermuda Seafood Staples

Bermuda is known for some delicious seafood, especially its fresh fish sandwiches topped with tartar sauce. Another delicacy to try in Bermuda is spiny lobster. You can typically order spiny lobster when it’s in season between September and March.

Reason #7: Water Fun in Bermuda

Bermuda has a variety of water activities you can do all around the island. Some of the popular excursions include whale watching boat tours, snorkeling and scuba diving to see underwater sea life and even shipwrecks, and sunset catamaran cruises. You can also simply head to one of Bermuda’s gorgeous beaches and frolic in the waves there!

Reason #8: Beautiful Nature on the Island

There aren’t just adrenaline inducing outdoor activities in Bermuda. You can also get back in touch with nature while in Bermuda via an excursion to Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, where you can take a peaceful walk along its trail system or relax on one of its beaches.

Reason #9: Insta-Worthy Pink

Book a Bermuda cruise and you may also see more likes on your Instagram or other social media profiles. Bermuda is home to pink sand beaches, perfect for a photo op. There are also pink and other candy-colored buildings to photograph, and stunning sunsets with streaks of pink, orange, and yellow.

Reason #10: Ancient Caves to Explore

Bermuda is also known for its views within the earth thanks to some impressive cave systems. Visitors can take an excursion to the Crystal Caves, which span miles and have incredible stalactites hanging from the roof of the cave. Making the cave system even more memorable is the glistening underground lake you'll see while exploring it.

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