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September 3, 2014

Thinking of going on a cruise but a bit daunted by all the choices out there? For a novice cruiser the sheer number of ships and itinerary options around the world can have you overwhelmed and deciding to stick with your vacation status quo. Cruising can be a game changer though when it comes to how you vacation – and how much you vacation – and it’s something everyone should try. We’re here to make picking your first cruise easy for you by telling you that you should go on an Alaska cruise for your intro to cruising. Here’s why.

Ease of Flights

Alaska is easy to get to. If you live in (or near) Southern California, flights are usually pretty affordable to Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia, two of the top ports for sailings to depart from.

Lots of Action

For those who are concerned about getting bored being on a ship at sea, you don’t need to worry with an Alaska cruise. Most itineraries stop in a new port almost every day and on the days you’re not in port, you’re sailing past stunning coastline and through majestic fjords and glaciers. You’ll be able to watch natural wonders pass by from the comfort of your stateroom balcony or the ship’s many decks – while sipping a hot chocolate or tasty cocktail.

In port, you’ll have the chance to do a variety of activities made hassle-free by the ship’s shore excursions. Book your excursion onboard or before you leave for your trip and get ready for kayaking, fishing, dog sledding, hikes, and a plethora of other activities. Your shore excursion will pick you up straight from the ship and deposit you back to your ship before it departs for the next port.

The Ship

Most cruise lines designate their newest, best ships for the Caribbean or Mediterranean, but in Alaska you can sail on an award-winning ship that is trendy, modern and only six years old: the Celebrity Solstice. The debut ship of the Celebrity Solstice class of ships, the Celebrity Solstice has sumptuous suite options onboard, world class dining and wine lists, and sophisticated entertainment. It is the perfect way to see Alaska — in the lap of Modern Luxury. 

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