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Lutoff-Perlo Takes Highest Honors

April 21, 2016

As The Commonwealth Institute of South Florida Announces Florida's Top Women-led Businesses

This afternoon, in celebration of the achievements of women who hold leadership positions across Florida, The Commonwealth Institute of South Florida (TCI) honored the state's top 50 women-led businesses at its 11th annual luncheon at Jungle Island. Celebrity Cruises' president and CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, who has led the modern luxury vacation brand since late 2014, took top honors: Lutoff-Perlo and Celebrity were named the number-one woman-led business in Florida for 2016.

"For the past eleven years, we have made it our objective to understand how so many smart, committed women run their companies, overcome challenges, and celebrate success, and then pass that inspiration onto every woman in the room," says TCI's executive director, Laurie Kaye Davis. "This event celebrates the achievements of these women and focuses on how they are leading the charge in companies across the state. Our top honoree, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, superbly exemplifies these qualities and we are thrilled to recognize her leadership."

Lutoff-Perlo is an accomplished leader who sets the bar high as an example of what an influential businesswoman personifies. Leading the helm at Celebrity Cruises, Lutoff-Perlo has been an agent of change in helping the company to make significant strides in building a luxury brand while setting new standards on diversity in its ranks. Whether challenging assumptions about the cruise industry with a bold new advertising campaign, raising the bar on diversity and inclusiveness by hiring the first American female cruise ship captain, changing the face of the cruising experience by introducing the industry-changing Solstice Class, or rallying young women to dream differently, she is a purposeful disruptor uncompromisingly committed to her core values.

To compile the ranked list, TCI sent a survey to over 4,000 women-led businesses, providing questions that revealed the companies’ successes and how they leverage their distinct attributes to advance professionally. Kaufman Rossin & Co. collected and analyzed the information, identifying the top 50 businesses as well as top 10 non-profits.

At the event, before the lists of Florida's top women-led businesses and non-profits were revealed, Lutoff-Perlo joined three other leaders for a dynamic panel discussion about their individual paths to success and the business climate for female executives.