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S.E.A Thermal Wellness Experience for Couples

An escape from your escape, immerse yourselves in S.E.A.Thermal Wellness Experience.

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Fire & Ice Manicure and Pedicure

Using a combination of therapeutic cooling gels and the warmth of massage with heated stones, your skin will be smoother and your nails will be nourished and polished to perfection.

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BIOTEC Blemish Control

Detoxify and repair damaged tissue with this thorough and deep cleansing facial leaving skin decongested and soothed.

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HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

Maximum results in minimal time. HIIT is a full-body, circuit-based, fat-burning workout through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. Package includes access to 4 or more HIIT classes.

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ELEMIS Express Shave

A quick, clean, silky shave for the man who wants to be smooth!

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GO SMILE Teeth Whitening Treatment

Are you ready to smile? Then try our advanced tooth whitening treatment available at the spa.

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BIOTEC Radiance Renew

A powerful antidote for dull and tired skin, this cellular-boosting treatment targets sluggish complexions for radiant, visibly brighter skin.

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How will guests be able to reserve appointments pre-cruise?

Celebrity guests who have booked a cruise may reserve and pay for spa services on the Celebrity website via the ‘already booked’ pre-cruise platform.

Can guests use their promotional OBC for pre-cruise purchases for the Spa?

Yes, guests can use their existing OBC towards all PCP products

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