Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean your mind has to be too. Stay sharp, have fun,  and discover an assortment of activities designed to spark your intellectual curiosity. Below is a sample of some of our cleverly entertaining CelebrityLifeSM enrichment activities that await you.

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Let's Dance Series

Discover your hidden flair for salsa, jive, and ballroom dancing. You can even try your hand at hip hop.

Oceans Ahead, Our Behind-the-Scenes and Environmental Programming

Brought to you by our ships' officers, you'll learn interesting and fascinating facts on topics ranging from ship navigation to onboard recycling and how we utilize solar power.

Self-Guided Art Tour on an iPad

On our ships, you'll be surrounded with one of the world's largest permanent collections of contemporary art, complete with an exciting art program where you can attend live art auctions, educational seminars, and fantastic art exhibitions.

Activities for Kids

Designed for parents to get a little down time, we have lots of fun programs all geared to specific age groups, and supervised by experienced youth staff members.

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