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Ponta Delgada, Azores: Formed from the peaks of a vast underwater volcanic mountain range, Ponta Delgada is the capital city of São Miguel island and is considered by many to be the most important city in the Azores archipelago. A stroll along the town’s harbor front promenade will provide gorgeous scenic views of the turquoise blue Atlantic Ocean, as well as fascinating architecture dating back to the 16th century Renaissance. Hiking, kayaking and surfing are among the popular water sports on cruises to Azores. April through September whale watching joins the ranks of water activities when regular sightings of various types of the mammal can be spotted during the season, including short-finned the pilot whales, Sowerby’s beaked whale, and sometimes even a blue whale.

Top Hot Springs and Geysers in Azores
Volcanic activity formed these islands millions of years ago and continues to play an important role in shaping the vivid beauty and attractions of Azores today. Volcanic craters, gardens, lakes, and natural wonders like hot springs and geysers abound on a cruise to Azores.

Poca da Dona Beija
Head to Poca da Dona Beija in the town of Furnas, for a dip in one of its five thermal pools. The warm waters have hints of orange from the iron that runs through and considered to be therapeutic, as well as relaxing.

Lagoa do Fogo
Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lake) is by far the islands most grand natural wonder. Located in the middle of São Miguel, the tranquil lake is a result of waters that fill out the grounds of an extinct crater.

Terra Nostra Park
Explore the 200-year-old garden which hosts beautiful collections of cultivated trees, plants, and flowers native to Azores. The park also features a thermal spring pool with warm temperatures of about 104 degrees Fahrenheit and essential minerals for a soothing and restful bath.

Lagoa Das Furnas
Make your way to the village of Furnas for the breathtaking hot springs of Lagoa Das Furnas (Furnas Crater Lake), one of the other crater lakes on the island. While there you can also sample, cozido, a local Portuguese stew that is prepared by lowering the pot into a hot spring and slow-cooked for hours using the natural geothermal heat.

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Plantação de Ananases

The Azores are famous for their pineapples, so be sure to visit a plantation while in port. The family-owned Plantação de Ananases Dr. Augusto Arruda can easily be reached by taxi and offers tours that conclude with a with a tasting of the prickly fruit.

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