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Cruise to Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Her beauty once inspired artist Paul Gauguin. Now she'll do the same for you. Papeete is an excellent home base from which to enjoy a French Polynesia cruise to explore the culture, beaches, and milky blue lagoons. Beach lovers can sunbathe and relax on Tahiti’s distinctive white-sand, pink-sand, and even black-sand beaches. Natural ribs of fringing reef transform the coast into brilliant aquamarine lagoons with gentle water, perfect for swimming and soaking. Tahiti has captivated the European and western imagination for centuries with tales of free love, simple living off the island’s naturally-growing fruit trees, and a landscape characterized by breathtaking mountains and crystal-clear oceans. On cruises to Tahiti, adventure-seekers can enjoy snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, and some of the world’s best surfing. Stroll Papeete’s lively waterfront where roulottes, or local food trucks, serve everything from Tahitian favorites to French delicacies. Tahiti’s national dish, poisson cru, is a ceviche made using seafood, coconut, and other local island flavors. Visit Le Marché open-air market on your cruise to Tahiti, where you can purchase local vanilla beans or a pareo or explore the boulevards and discover jewelry stores selling rare black pearls.

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Mihiarii Pearls

At Mihiarii Pearls, hidden on one of Papeete’s backstreets, boxes brim with black and creamy pearls in different sizes and price ranges. Master craftsmen will make you a piece of jewelry on the spot.

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