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Denali, Alaska: With few established trails and only one road, Denali National Park remains one of the world’s last true wilderness areas. Denali National Park boasts six million acres of pristine wild land. The varied subarctic landscape is home to grizzly bears, moose, caribou, Dall sheep and wolves, as well as endangered birds. Wild animals roam as they have for millennia through unspoiled backcountry of taiga forest, alpine tundra, and snow-capped peaks. The sheer expanse of wilderness, the solitude of Denali National Park’s single road, and its status as one of the last true intact subarctic ecosystems, makes Denali one of the best places in the country to view wildlife in their natural habitat. Head to Visitor Center on your Denali cruise for fascinating natural history exhibits, films, and the opportunity to meet and speak to rangers about Denali National Park, including its centerpiece Denali, known as The Great One. Towering at 20,320 feet, Denali is North America’s highest mountain, and still growing. Risen from an elevation of just 2000 feet., the four miles she towers into the sky overpowers the already impressive Alaska Mountain Range that surrounds her. An untrammeled view on a clear day is a profound sight. The highly protected backcountry that makes up the majority of the park is cleaved only by a solitary road that runs 92-miles into the wilderness and stretches thorough bottomland taiga-subarctic evergreen forests, into the higher elevations that offer open views of the tundra-covered slopes and river valleys, all framed by the indomitable Alaska Range. And, while the backcountry’s pristine wilderness is protected to endure, Denali’s front-country is an amphitheater of the outdoors. Flight sightseeing planes soar over the mountains for breathtaking views, while rafting on the Nenana River can be a gentle float or a white-water ride. With the hinterland open to bike ride, off-road, or hike, Denali National park offers both active adventure and the protected and pristine wilderness.


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Extend your vacation experience and venture deep into Alaska and the Canadian Rockies by combining a cruise with a land tour. Allows you to explore mesmerizing regions far beyond the coastline.


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