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Where to Go and Other Tips for Mediterranean Cruise Deals

A Mediterranean cruise takes you to some of the most beautiful and historic places in the world. From the architectural wonders of Barcelona to the ancient ruins of Rome and Athens down to the incredible coast of Santorini, there is a plethora of fascinating sights to see and things to discover.

Finding a Mediterranean cruise deal and booking it is an excellent and affordable way to visit this beloved area of Europe and see all of its famous landmarks. Here are five reasons why you should cruise to the Mediterranean along with some tips on how to find the best Mediterranean cruise deals.

#1 Get a Mediterranean Cruise Deal & Only Unpack Once

A cruise is an incredible way to see the Mediterranean, especially if you dream of experiencing multiple countries. You get to board a luxurious ship where you check into your well-appointed stateroom and unpack…and only unpack once during your trip! Unlike country hopping by plane, train, or automobile, you don’t have to repack your suitcase each time you’re off to a new city in Europe.

You simply unpack when you arrive and settle into your stateroom, knowing you don’t have the hassle of lugging suitcases around, navigating new transportation, and wasting time trying to figure out maps and road signs in another language.

Instead, you’ll be spending your time dining on gourmet food, sipping high quality wines, attending Broadway-style theater shows and other live performances, getting a massage, or lounging by a sparkling pool while a friendly attendant brings you a tropical drink.

While you’re doing that, your ship will be making its way to an exciting new Mediterranean destination.

#2 Mediterranean Cruise Deals to Incredible Destinations

If you’re a cruise deal hunter, you can rest assured in knowing pretty much any itinerary you choose will have incredible ports of call that you will love. So if you see that amazing Mediterranean cruise deal pop up, don’t pass it by just because it’s not the exact itinerary you had in mind. Here are highlights for some of the most popular regions to cruise to in the Mediterranean.

Ancient Greece

Depart on a Mediterranean cruise that visits historic Greek ports and get ready to be astounded by the rich history you’ll encounter. A must-stop is Athens, Greece, where you can see the ancient wonder that is the Acropolis and learn about its buildings and how they served philosophers such as Socrates and Plato.

For more history, choose an itinerary that also visits Kataklon. From Kataklon, you can easily get to ancient Olympia, which was the location for the original Olympic games. You can still see the remains of some of the facilities used for these games, including the stadium and gymnasium.

Greek Isles

Mainland Greece with its ancient sites isn’t the only allure of Greece. Mediterranean cruises to the Greek Isles are also a lovely way to spend a vacation.

No Greek Islands cruise is complete without a visit to the blue-domed, cliff-hugging villages of Santorini. In Santorini you’ll also find black beaches and red beaches, wineries and waterfront restaurants, epic sunsets and historic ruins, and so much more. The volcano that Santorini curves around in a crescent shape is also visited on tours, most of which take visitors to the mud baths at its base for some nature-filled pampering.

Other popular Greek Isle ports of call on Mediterranean cruises include Mykonos and Corfu.

In Mykonos you’ll want to spend time wandering the gray and white cobblestoned streets and popping into the many shops of Mykonos Town or relaxing for a waterfront drink with views of Mykonos’ charming windmills.

In Corfu, you’ll find a Greek Isle with different terrain than those located farther south like Santorini and Mykonos. Corfu is filled with richly green foliage and has beaches that feel like a tropical escape.

Spanish Wonders

A popular port of call that also serves as the embarkation port for many Mediterranean cruises is Barcelona, Spain. When in port in Barcelona you can visit the Sagrada Familia, a massive cathedral with gothic details and an intricate sunburst ceiling designed by Antoni Gaudi. The Sagrada Familia is still under construction and has been for nearly 100 years, but that doesn’t take away from its impressiveness or the many people who visit it every year. Gaudi designed many other buildings around Barcelona that you can take a shore excursion to see.

If architecture gets you excited, choose a Mediterranean cruise deal that has an itinerary that also visits Malaga, Spain, from where you can visit the graceful curves and spectacular layout of the Alhambra Palace in Granada. Or just stick around close to the harbor and explore the downtown area and historic center of Malaga. If you’re a beach lover, use your time in the port of Malaga to escape down the coast and find a beach to lounge on along the glistening Costa del Sol.

Other Spanish ports of call along the Mediterranean include the port cities of Valencia, Cartagena, and Seville (via the port city of Cadiz). Mediterranean cruises also visit the gorgeous Spanish islands of Ibiza and Mallorca.

Italian Dreaming

If you want to see Italy during your Mediterranean cruise, you have a ton of different options, which also means more opportunities to find a Mediterranean cruise deal that works with your Italy itinerary desires.

For Italian cruise ports, you can choose itineraries that mostly focus on iconic ports of call like Venice and Rome. Both of those cities are also common embarkation ports for Mediterranean cruises, though it’s important to note that neither port is right in the historic center.

For Rome, your ship will dock in Civitavecchia, a port city located about an hour’s train ride or bus ride from central Rome.

For Venice, you’ll be close to the central “built on water” part of Venice, but typically need to take a shuttle to the Grand Canal and then a water taxi or water bus farther into the city.

The extra travel time to get to these areas is worth it since you’ll be able to visit must-see sites in Rome like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. In Venice, see St. Mark’s Square and take a gondola ride along all the lovely canals that make up the streets of this uniquely situated city.

To experience more of Italy beyond its most famous cities, choose an itinerary that travels farther south. You can visit the wonders of Sicily and dine on its delicious Sicilian cuisine or visit one of its beautiful beaches.

While in port in Naples, you have a wide variety of activities to choose from for how to spend your day. You can take the ferry across the Bay of Naples to the ritzy island of Capri and hop on a boat excursion to the Blue Grotto followed by a funicular ride up the side of the island for some shopping and scenic views in Capri Town. While in Naples, you can also take a scenic drive or ferry down the stunning Amalfi Coast and see the coastal hugging towns of Positano and Sorrento that are awash in gleaming white, pink, and terracotta colors.

While your ship is docked in the port of Livorno, you can getaway for the day to the Renaissance arts of Florence and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or head north along the coast to picturesque Cinque Terre and explore its five coastal villages.

French Riviera

For some blissful beach time that has ritzy shopping and elegant excursions to wineries and lavender fields, choose a Mediterranean cruise deal that will get you to the French Riviera. Located along the southern coast of France, the French Riviera is home to gorgeous beaches, glamorous cities, and peaceful countryside. Popular ports of call along the French Riviera include Nice, Marseille, Toulon, and Cannes.

A top shore excursion for the French Riviera is a jaunt to Provence and its rolling fields of lavender and beautiful vineyards. Other popular Mediterranean shore excursions while along the southern coast of France include parfumerie tours, visiting the charming Aix-en-Provence, and biking around the countryside of the French Riviera.

Mediterranean cruise itineraries to this region of France also often visit the glitz and glam of Monaco, the world’s second smallest country. Monaco is known for its Monte Carlo casino and opulent waterfront. In addition, car lovers will enjoy seeing where the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix occurs each year.

Adriatic Sea

Adjacent to the Mediterranean is the Adriatic Sea, and your Mediterranean cruise deal may include an itinerary that travels along the Adriatic for some ports of call. Venice, Italy, is actually located on the northwest corner of the Adriatic Sea and cruises that embark from there often visit ports of call located along the Adriatic.

Croatia is especially popular for Mediterranean cruise deal seekers who want to visit the Adriatic region. Games of Thrones fan will be excited about the chance to visit Dubrovnik, where King’s Landing scenes are filled. Even if you’re not a fan of the television show, you’ll love seeing the beautiful Old Town area of Dubrovnik, which majestically juts out into the water. The walls are also so thick that you can walk along the top of them for stunning views of the surrounding area.

Other ports of call along the Adriatic that are commonly found on Mediterranean cruise itineraries are Split, Croatia, home to the historic and impressive Diocletian’s Palace; and Kotor, Montenegro, where you’ll find old town wonders nestled against vibrant mountain and coastal scenery.

#3 Blissful Veranda Deals for the Mediterranean

Why book an interior or ocean view stateroom when you can wait to get a Mediterranean cruise deal that lets you experience the salty wind in your hair and the Mediterranean sunshine on your cheeks…without having to leave your stateroom? A veranda stateroom lets you accomplish just that.

Veranda staterooms are very desirable among cruisers since it gives you lots of light in your room along with floor to ceiling windows for viewing new sights – open the blinds and gaze at port skylines from your bed. Or better yet – order breakfast room service to be delivered to you and enjoy it on your private, peaceful veranda with a hot cup of coffee.

Enjoy your own piece of outdoor paradise into the late evening hours by packing a cozy cardigan or fleece jacket to ward off any chilly breezes coming off the sea after the sun goes down. Get a glass of wine or cocktail and enjoy watching the moonlight on the water as you sail to your next Mediterranean destination.

#4 All-Inclusive Mediterranean Cruise Deal

Celebrity Cruises has an ongoing special promotion that lets you “pick your perk.” This promotion lets you customize your savings to best tailor it to your desires for your cruise and even gives your cruise vacation a bit of an all-inclusive vibe.

Pick the perk that will net you the most savings during your cruise. The four perks you can choose from as part of this cruise deal are:

  • Free Classic Beverage Package: This beverage package gives you unlimited drinks each day of your cruise for alcoholic beverages up to $9. It also includes sodas, juices, premium coffees and teas, and nonpremium bottle water.
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi: If you need to stay connected the whole time you’re on vacation, whether for work or simply to be able to upload pictures to your social media accounts at your leisure, then the Unlimited Wi-Fi perk is a great option for you since you won’t have to worry about counting the minutes you’re logged on or worrying about if you’re about to go over your allotted prepaid time. Unlimited Wi-Fi let you access the Internet whenever you want from your stateroom or any of the common areas on board your Celebrity cruise.
  • $150 to Spend on Board: If you aren’t as concerned about beverages and Wi-Fi, but know you’ll want to treat yourself to some fun or pampering during your Mediterranean cruise vacation, opt for the $150 Onboard Credit. You can use this credit toward spa treatments, shore excursions, premium beverages, and more.
  • Prepaid Gratuities: A recommended amount of gratuities for your stateroom and dining attendants is charged to your onboard cruise account at the end of each cruise, which you can always change at your discretion by visiting the Guest Services desk. If you’ve cruised before, you know how much your friendly and helpful stateroom attendant and dining servers can enhance your trip to make it even more memorable, so if you want to make sure gratuities for them are covered before you even leave for your cruise, opt for the prepaid gratuities perk.

Want to save even more and get a truly all-inclusive experience? Book a suite and get a type of Mediterranean cruise deal you may not have considered before: Suite Class guests on Celebrity Cruises get all four perks, plus an upgrade to the Premium Beverage Package. In addition, you’ll get all the amazing benefits that come with being a Suite Class guest, such as butler service, exclusive restaurant and lounge, and priority boarding.

#5 Celebrity Edge Mediterranean Itineraries

Now you can get a Mediterranean cruise deal like pick your perk on not just any ship, but the newest ship to arrive to Celebrity Cruises’ fleet: Celebrity Edge.

Celebrity Edge is a state of the art ship that is introducing many firsts to the cruise industry. When it begins sailing in December 2018, it will astound cruisers with its luxuriously tasteful and modern décor, interactive and gourmet dining experiences, a fabulous pool deck and spa, and much more.

Celebrity Edge’s inaugural sailings will be in the Caribbean, but in the spring of 2019, the ship will reposition to Europe and spend the spring and summer months sailing lovely Mediterranean itineraries.

Also, remember the allure of the veranda stateroom we discussed above? That incredible feeling of having your own outdoor space gets amplified on Celebrity Edge thanks to Edge Staterooms with Infinite Verandas.

The unique Edge Staterooms with Infinite Verandas are balcony staterooms like none you’ve seen before. They were specially designed to fuse indoor and outdoor living thanks to an innovative design: with the push of a button the entire outside wall of your stateroom opens up. This gives you access to that salty sea air and also turns your entire stateroom into a space where you can enjoy the outdoor elements surrounding you during your cruise.

With all these amenities, don’t miss the chance to sail on Celebrity Edge – especially if you see an incredible Mediterranean cruise deal for one of its itineraries!

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