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4 Beautiful Birds You’ll Only Find in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands became the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. The entire archipelago is a protected sanctuary of biodiversity. Located 600 miles from mainland Ecuador, the islands enjoy a precious isolation and remote quality that has kept them relatively unspoiled since the naturalist/biologist, Charles Darwin first visited in 1835, almost 200 years ago.

Celebrity Cruises itineraries in the Galapagos Islands are designed to not only bring the pristine beauty of the wildlife to you, but also to preserve the integrity of the islands through a series of ecological initiatives. Through Quito, Ecuador to Machu Picchu, Peru and the exotic Galapagos Islands, our cruises merge the principles of ecotourism with modern luxury. From the chocolate placed on your pillow to the hull of the ship painted with silicone for efficient movement through the water and less fuel usage, we deliver sustainable, low-impact travel in this region.

On a Galapagos vacation as your inner explorer takes hold, you’ll encounter a fascinating variety of animals and plants that are exclusive to this part of the world. The islands have a rich abundance of nature and wildlife that you can discover with our certified naturalists. These experts have years of experience and are available throughout your vacation for guided tours and excursions for learning more about this historic and natural habitat.

With 22 species of beautiful land birds, including 13 species of Darwin finches, four species of mockingbirds, and so much more, tropical birdwatching in the Galapagos is high on to-do lists. Many of the species of birds found on the islands are among the rarest on Earth, like the Lava Gull. This medium-sized gull is one of the most unique in the world with a magnificent call that sounds very much like an infectious chuckle or laugh. You’ll also glimpse Galapagos Dove populations throughout the islands during your guided eco-tours. This attractive dark reddish brown dove with bright turquoise rings around its eyes that tends to be friendly and can be found in the driest parts of the mainland. The Galapagos Flycatcher is considered quite friendly and often will approach humans--it may even enter a room to forage for insects. It’s a tiny beauty that can be found high up in the forest highlands. Red-orange belly and head indicate mature male, while females exhibit soft yellow bellies. The Galapagos Martin with deep blue and purple plumes is considered rather mysterious species. You’ll catch sight of this beautiful Galapagos bird on the cliff sides, calderas, and volcano rims of the central islands.

Celebrity Cruises visits 15 islands and more than 30 ports of call in the Galapagos, so there are ample opportunities to get up close and experience the delicate, unfiltered magic of the archipelago. Whether with a guided tour in modern luxury or on a simple nature’s walk with loved ones to see beautiful Galapagos birds, you’ll discover the unforgettable magnificence of the islands, while enjoying the creature comforts of one of our most unique itineraries.

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