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Your Top Questions Answered for Cruising Europe to the USA

Transatlantic sailings have often been glamorized in stories going back centuries. To cruise from Europe to USA has long been a journey of adventure and romanticism. Ships cross the mighty Atlantic Ocean bringing its passengers to a new continent. Today, you don’t have to be moving across the sea to a new land to experience the wonders of a transatlantic sailing.

What’s a Transatlantic Cruise?

First off, what exactly is a transatlantic cruise? The term transatlantic cruise is given to itineraries that sail anywhere across the Atlantic Ocean from one continent to another. Typically when it comes to cruising, you’ll travel across the Atlantic between Europe and the United States, though transatlantic sailings can be to and from Africa or South America as well.

In the cruising industry, transatlantic sailings are also sometimes referred to as repositioning cruises. This is because these special transatlantic cruises from Europe to USA are often only offered when a ship is traveling from one region of the world to another as the tourism season changes.

When’s the Best Time to Cruise From Europe to USA?

When the itinerary is offered! As stated above, a cruise from Europe to the USA is typically offered when a ship is repositioning, meaning they don’t happen all that often. You can search for upcoming transatlantic cruises on Celebrity Cruises.

That being said, you’ll likely find that repositioning cruises happen during shoulder season.

Shoulder season refers to the time of year right before and after a destination’s busy season. For Europe, the busy tourist season is summer, particularly July and August. The cruise season in Europe lasts from April to November, meaning you will likely find a repositioning cruise from Europe to the USA in the fall.

Can You Cruise From Europe to USA on a Budget?

Transatlantic cruises can be an exceptional value and offer the chance to experience a longer vacation on award winning cruise ships for budget travelers. Repositioning cruises from Europe to the USA are often more affordable since they do tend to happen during shoulder season and since they don’t visit as many ports of call.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind multiple days at sea in a row then you will love taking advantage of the bargains you can get on a repositioning cruise. And you’ll find out a cruise insider’s secret – uninterrupted days at sea are the ultimate respite in relaxation.

What are the Top Things to Do on Sea Days?

If you are super excited about all the amazing things you can do on a Celebrity Cruises ship then you’ll love the numerous sea days you’ll have on a cruise from Europe to the USA. Some itineraries have six or seven days in a row at sea, allowing you ample time to get into vacation mode on your floating resort.

You can lie back on a lounge chair by the pool or spend your days getting pampered at the spa. Enhance your skill set by taking onboard classes through the CelebrityLife program or in the Celebrity iLounge; you can learn more about wine, find out how to edit all those videos and photos you’ve been shooting on your cruise, take a glassblowing class, and much more.

Your evenings will be filled with delicious food in the Main Dining Room or one of the numerous specialty restaurants in which you can dine if you’re in the mood for a particular type of cuisine or ambiance.

After your meal, take in a show at the theater or fill your night with skillfully prepared cocktails and lively conversation in the Martini Bar or one of the other lounges.

What are Typical Ports of Call When You Cruise From Europe to the USA?

A cruise from Europe to the USA isn’t all sea days, though. You’ll still have ports of call along the way that provide you with the opportunity to explore amazing new destinations. Here are some popular ports of call to see on transatlantic cruises:

Tenerife, Canary Islands: Located on the western edge of Europe right in the middle of the Atlantic Sea are the exotic Canary Islands. A stop in Tenerife gives you time to lie on gorgeous beaches and frolic in the calm sea before your ship begins its journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Boston, Massachusetts: Your cruise may stop in Boston where you can do some historic USA sightseeing before your ship makes its way down the Atlantic coast to Florida where you’ll disembark.

Bermuda: Located in the Atlantic Ocean less than 900 miles off the shore of South Carolina is Bermuda, a popular stop on a transatlantic cruise from Europe to the USA before your ship’s itinerary concludes in Florida.

Depending on your departure port, you’ll also have ports of call that are popular for western Europe cruises. Common ones on transatlantic cruises are Cartagena, Spain; Malaga, Spain; Gibraltar, United Kingdom; Florence/Pisa, Italy; and Provence, France.

Want Some Further Inspiration for a Cruise from Europe to the USA?

Check out these upcoming transatlantic itineraries on Celebrity Cruises:

Western Europe Transatlantic – Departing October 22, 2018 on Celebrity Reflection: Sail aboard the luxuriously appointed Celebrity Reflection and enjoy days at sea lounging on the Lawn Club as you soak in the vast views of the Atlantic. This itinerary visits three ports of call along the coast of Spain (Barcelona, Cartagena, and Malaga), which are sandwiched in between two sea days. You’ll then visit the gorgeous island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands followed by seven blissful days at sea before reaching Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Mediterranean Transatlantic – Departing November 1, 2019 on Celebrity Edge: This is an especially exciting transatlantic cruise from Europe to the USA as it takes place on Celebrity Edge, the brand new revolutionary ship from Celebrity Cruises. This sailing occurs when Celebrity Edge is repositioning back to the Caribbean after a summer season in the Mediterranean. You’ll have nine days at sea to experience the innovative wonders of Celebrity Edge, such as the creatively interactive dining experience at Eden, the views from the light-filled resort deck, and the luxurious staterooms and suites, including the much-talked about Edge Staterooms with Infinite Verandas.

You can see all possible itineraries and ports of call options for transatlantic sailings on Celebrity Cruises’ easy to navigate website, where you can also effortlessly book your cruise along with your airfare, onboard activities, and shore excursions.

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