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Reasons to Inspire You to Have a Caribbean Cruise Holiday

If you are looking for something different this holiday season, consider getting away from the stress of the holidays on a Caribbean cruise. You’ll still feel like it’s that special time of year, but your holiday will be spent relaxing instead of stuffing turkeys or stockings.

Here are six reasons to have a Caribbean cruise holiday:

Great Caribbean Cruise Holiday Deals

The first reason to cruise to the Caribbean over the holidays is the great holiday cruise deals you can get! With Celebrity Cruises you can pick a perk on holiday sailings that lets you customize your cruise to make your cruise fare more inclusive in a way that makes the most sense for you. The four perks you get to pick from are:

  • Free Beverage Package
  • Free Gratuities
  • $150 to Spend On Board
  • Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Package

Family Friendly Caribbean Cruise Holiday

Caribbean Cruises are made for families. The islands have an array of activities that are appealing to both kids and adults. Cruise ships have kids clubs and fun activities like crafts, scavenger hunts, and arcade games. Kids will also love that dessert comes with every meal. (Ok, adults will probably love that, too!)

A Caribbean cruise holiday may seem different for kids if they’re used to celebrating at home, but they will no doubt quickly adjust once they see all the fun on board. Also, Santa visits on Christmas cruises and there are holiday-themed shows and singing during the sailing.

A Caribbean cruise holiday is also great for large multigenerational families traveling together. You can each choose the stateroom or suite that fits your immediate family’s needs while still being in walking distance to each other’s rooms.

This is much easier than trying to coordinate the different travel styles of family members who will argue over luxury versus budget hotels as well as possibly needing wheelchair access (Celebrity Cruises has wheelchair accessible staterooms).

A cruise has amazing suites as large as a city condo to accommodate luxury travelers and inside or ocean view stateroom to accommodate families on more of a budget. Another plus of a Caribbean cruise over the holidays? You won’t be stuck in someone’s guest room that doubles as the playroom/office – or have someone stay in your guest room and have to play host or hostess throughout the holidays.

Hassle-Free Food

If the idea of cooking another holiday feast is filling you with dread, travel to the Caribbean on a cruise and have your holiday meal served to you instead. Celebrity Cruises does special menus featuring traditional holiday dishes for guests traveling on its ships during the holidays. For example, you’ll find turkey on the menu on Thanksgiving. If you secretly dislike turkey, no worries — this holiday you can order something else that is exactly to your palate’s liking...without worrying you’ve offended your great aunt for not eating her gelatin casserole.

The fun thing about getting away for the holidays to the Caribbean is you can also try a variety of local cuisine while in port and get a chance to learn how locals dine on certain holidays. Or just feast on traditional Caribbean cuisine and enjoy new flavors. How about jerk chicken and salt fish for your holidays? Perhaps it will be the start of a new tradition for you!

Ring in the New Year in Paradise

Laugh at all those people shivering in Times Square while you spend New Year’s Eve counting down the clock on a cruise ship sailing the tropical waters of the Caribbean.

A holiday Caribbean Cruise that is sailing at sea when December 31 turns into January 1 is a fun and memorable way to celebrate the coming of a new year and kiss goodbye to the previous year. Celebrity Cruises has New Year’s Eve parties on its ships complete with Champagne or sparkling wine being served right before midnight so you can toast to the New Year.

You might be having such a good time that your New Year’s Resolution will be to spend every New Year’s Eve on a Caribbean cruise!

Activities Galore

Beyond the holiday activities on board there are a plethora of other activities both on and off the ship to keep every age group entertained.

One gift giving idea is to give each other shore excursion and experiences this year instead of things and create lasting memories.

Time to Focus on What’s Important

For most people, the holidays are a time to reflect on what you’re thankful for and spend time with family. However, the season can often start to feel chaotic and stressful as you work to furiously check thing off your holiday to do list and create a happy holiday for your family.

This year, give yourself and your family the gift of time. Instead of trying to prepare a feast and missing out on conversation and activities, simply show up to dinner and have it served. Plus, with so many revolving options of what to eat on each menu, even the pickiest of eaters should be able to find something they like.

Need some Caribbean cruise holiday inspiration? Check out these sailings:

The Southern Caribbean Holiday Cruise sails roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale for 12 blissful nights. With a departure on December 21, this means you’ll get to spend both Christmas and New Year’s Eve on your ship. You will get the chance to celebrate both holidays in style and return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Along with the holiday celebrations on board, this itinerary will give you the chance to visit Punta Cana, Dominica Republic; St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (for Christmas); Philipsburg, St. Maarten; Roseau, Dominica; St. George’s Grenada; Castries, St. Lucia; and Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis. You’ll have two days at sea both at the beginning and end of your cruise. During the last two days at sea you’ll get to have a thrilling time on board ringing in the New Year.

Don’t have tons of vacation time over Christmas? Opt for a 5-night sailing instead. The Western Caribbean Holiday Cruise departing December 22, 2018, departs from Fort Lauderdale and begins with a fun day at sea before visiting Cozumel, Mexico. On Christmas Day you’ll have another day at sea and can partake in the ship’s celebrations and then spend the evening relaxing before arriving in Key West, Florida, for a day in port. This Caribbean holiday cruise ends back in Fort Lauderdale.

Those who want to skip cooking this Thanksgiving will enjoy the Eastern Caribbean Cruise that departs the week before Thanksgiving on November 16 from Miami. You’ll have a day at sea to celebrate Thanksgiving and on other days you’ll be able to enjoy ports of call in San Juan, Puerto Rico; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; and Nassau, Bahamas.

If you already have plans for this holiday season, don’t despair – just book one of the 2019 holiday cruises – it will give you plenty of time to start planning all the fun shore excursions you’ll have during your Caribbean holiday cruise.

To see all of Celebrity Cruises’ holiday sailings in the Caribbean and beyond, visit Celebrity Cruises and browse our Caribbean cruise deals and discover how easy it is to plan your cruise and simultaneously book your airfare and shore excursions.

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