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September 20, 2014

Ease of Flights

Packing for an Alaska cruise can be a tricky. For starters, most Alaska cruises run between May and September when you’re thinking of summer shorts and tanktops. And while Alaska does get warm weather in the summer, if that’s all you pack for your cruise you’re definitely not going to be comfortable due to the changes in climate you’ll experience during your Alaska cruise and because of the different excursions you can do.

Packing for Alaska’s Changing Temperature

Layering is a must in Alaska. Port towns can be warm during the day then quickly turn chilly with cool evening breezes. In one day it can range from forty degrees up to eighty degrees. Be prepared by wearing breathable athletic-wear style layers with a light weight jacket (or bring one in your daypack — find one that packs up small or can roll up into a ball or bag for easy transporting. Make sure the jacket is also waterproof and has a hood as Alaska is prone to rain, particularly later in the summer. Warmer layers are also beneficial for when you’re enjoying an evening on the cruise ship balcony or deck and watching the sights of Alaska sail by

Though they might not be the most fashionable item you could bring, convertible pants that zip off into shorts are very convenient during a trip to Alaska. Wear comfortable walking shoes when exploring the towns of Alaska and possibly sturdier shoes depending on an excursion you do.In port, you’ll have the chance to do a variety of activities made hassle-free by the ship’s shore excursions. Book your excursion onboard or before you leave for your trip and get ready for kayaking, fishing, dog sledding, hikes, and a plethora of other activities. Your shore excursion will pick you up straight from the ship and deposit you back to your ship before it departs for the next port.

Packing for Alaska Cruise Shore Excursions

The excursions in Alaska range from kayaking to hiking glaciers to dog sledding. It’s a good idea to have a plan of what excursions you’ll be doing on your cruise so you can pack for your excursion accordingly, but just in case you decide last minute to sign up for an excursion once you’re on the ship here are some things you should pack in your bag.

Waterproof hiking boots or snow boots for any excursions that require traipsing through the snow covered mountains.

  • A hat and gloves for if you venture into the cool mountains.
  • A warm coat (or a thick wool sweater to wear under a lighter coat) in case you go glacier hiking, dog sledding, or partake in another snow- or ice-centric activity.Water-resistant outerwear for any water based excursions.
  • Wool socks for snow activities. A pair of good hiking socks will also probably come in handy.
  • Polarized sunglasses to help prevent glare from ice and snow or the bright sun. (Alaska has daylight for up to 22 hours during the summer months!)

Pack smart for your Alaska cruise and you’ll be ready for any adventure that comes your way!

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