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Experience Awe and Wonder on a Celebrity Cruisetour to Alaska

An Alaska cruise on Celebrity Cruises places you at the forefront of a paradise like no other. Alaska is known for its confluence of spectacular and diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, and when you’re onboard a Celebrity Cruise destined for Alaska, you are presented with real-life snapshot after snapshot of Alaska’s incredible treasures.


The Cruise

Your trip to Alaska begins as a journey along the southeastern Alaska coastline. Noted for its lush, serene scenery and wildlife, the majority of Southeast Alaska is part of the Tongass National Forest. One of the world’s most beautiful natural habitats, the area is the site of the United States’ largest national forest. As you venture further, you’ll catch breathtaking sights of tundra, forests and skyscraping mountains.

Staffed with on-board naturalists, our knowledgeable staff will field any and all of your curiosities. From Alaska’s endemic biodiversity, to its glacial marvels, you’ll receive an exhaustive introduction to the region.

Juneau, Alaska’s capital, will be among your stops. Juneau is famous for its icefields and the towering Mendenhall Glacier. Tucked away between the Coast Mountains and Gastineau Channel, Juneau is an ideal locale for adventurous travelers with an affinity for hiking.

The Uniquely Crafted Excursions

Alaska Shore Excursions aren’t one size fits all. That’s why we offer a variety of adventures for you to choose from. An excursion should fit your sense of adventure, your activity level and your personality. And, on your Alaska cruise, we offer excursions that exceed your expectations.


  • Helicopter Dog Sled Tour: Few cruise experiences are more closely associated with Alaska than dog sledding. It’s a thrill like no other, and with an experienced guide handing you the reins, you’ll swish, swoosh, and mush up and down across mountains and snow-covered glaciers.
  • Denali Flyer: There’s plenty to see at Denali. As the site of the highest peak in North America, you’ll feel like you’re literally on top of the world on the flight seeing which takes you within six miles of the Khalitna Glacier.
  • Talkneeta River Float: Floating down a calm river is among the best ways to intimately experience the Alaskan ecosystem. With your guide leading the way, you’ll row across freshwater streams, catch glimpses of salmon, and admire the view of the Denali mountain.
  • Husky Homestead: Before huskies become champion sled dogs, they’re lovable puppies. And you’ll get the chance to cuddle and nestle up close with a pen of puppies on a tour of four-time Iditarod champion Jeff King’s homestead kennel.
  • Alaska Brewing and Cooking Demonstration: Traipsing through national parks and scaling mountains works up an appetite and a thirst. What better way to sate yourself than sampling the local cuisine. Located in Juneau near the Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska Brewing offers some of the world’s most celebrated brews. Down a cold one and head over to the glacier. When you return, you’ll learn to prepare replenishing authentic Alaskan cuisine...

The Experience

A journey aboard a Celebrity cruise ship is a cruise experience typified by class and comfort. And, it’s as inspiring as it is relaxing. It’s modern luxury at its finest with Alaskan awe, wonder and discovery as a backdrop.

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