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Ready to Plan Your Vacation? Pair Up a Canadian Rockies Tour with an Alaska Cruise

When you think of visiting the Canadian Rockies, a cruise probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind as a means to get there. However, a Celebrity Cruises Cruisetour that takes you through the Canadian Rockies for several days before or after sailing along the coast of Alaska may be the perfect fit for you to explore this stunningly beautiful region of the world. Here’s why.

How You’ll Travel Through the Canadian Rockies

Part of your journey through the Canadian Rockies will happen on a comfortable train with glass-domed ceilings, perfect for taking in all those gorgeous views you’ll be gliding through. In addition, you’ll dine on gourmet cuisine while on the train and even spend one night traveling through the heart of the wilderness when you’ll stay in your own private sleeper cabin. During this overnight train expedition you’ll travel along the Fraser River through the Coast Mountains and Cisco Tunnels, while enjoying canyon and water views, including Hell’s Gate Gorge and Suicide Rapids.

Where You’ll Stay & What You’ll See

When you’re not on the train, you’ll be staying overnight in luxurious Fairmont properties, which are well-known in the Canadian Rockies for their modern amenities and comfort without losing any of the traditional charm of the property where each hotel resides. During your hotel stays you’ll have to opportunity during the day to explore iconic Canadian Rockies locations. Some of these spots include:

Lake Louise: A massive turquoise lake in Alberta’s Banff National Park framed by majestic mountains. Lake Louise is an incredible spot for a boat or canoe ride.

Banff: Banff is famous for being next to the above scenic site, Lake Louise, but in addition to that natural wonder, Banff is also a charming mountain town to walk around with rustic buildings

Calgary: Calgary, Alberta has a vast array of big city activities you can do in addition to outdoor adventures in the surrounding Canadian Rockies.

Jasper: Jasper, Alberta is nestled in the middle of Jasper National Park and is a gorgeous mountain town to explore and use as a base for hiking, kayaking, and more outdoor activities

Victoria: The capital of British Columbia, Victoria manages to effortlessly mix city life with wilderness and water activities.

The Cruise Portion

Before you experience the Canadian Rockies, it will be time to board a modern cruise ship and head north to explore Alaska. Take part in incredible shore excursions, such as dog sledding across a mountain, taking a helicopter ride over a glacier, fishing in the sea, or kayaking through unforgettable scenery.

For your next summer vacation, consider heading north to enjoy a mountain vacation you’ll treasure for a lifetime. To find your ideal Alaska and Canadian Rockies Cruisetour, visit Celebrity Cruises or speak to your travel agent.

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