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Ship Contact Info

How do I contact a friend or family member aboard a Celebrity cruise ship?


For all Celebrity ships:
• Dial: 1-877-266-1020(applicable country code)+1-321-953-9002 (outside the United States)
• Dial the appropriate number above. 
• The caller will be asked to enter the credit card number and expiration date. 
• The system obtains a real-time hold for $79.50 ($7.95 x 10 minutes) and initiates the call to the ship. The $79.50 hold is the maximum that will be held. Actual charges will be calculated based on the number of minutes used on the call. 
• A voice prompt directs the caller to the specific ship. 
• The call is connected to the ship. 
• The call rings through to the designated department onboard (Radio Station or Purser Desk). The call is then routed to the guest's stateroom. 
• The PBX monitors the call. If there is no answer, the call will ring back at the designated department onboard (Radio Station or Purser Desk) and a written message is taken for delivery to the guest's stateroom.