Reciprocity Between Brands

Equivalent recognition is one of the benefits of being a Captain's Club, Crown & Anchor Society and/or Le Club Voyage loyalty member. It offers loyalty members the opportunity to receive recognition and similar Celebrity benefits with matching tier status–both pre-cruise and onboard–when sailing with one of the three brands. Members of one loyalty program must enroll in a sister program in order to receive equivalent recognition benefits.

Points on Celebrity and Azamara are earned cumulatively in both loyalty programs. For example, 20 Club Points earned on a Celebrity sailing will be reflected as 20 points in both Celebrity's and Azamara's loyalty programs. The total Club Points for the member will reflect all qualified points earned.

Points earned on Royal Caribbean are earned only for the Royal Caribbean loyalty program. Points of each loyalty program cannot be added together. Points are calculated using the applicable brand's program level accrual system.

The following program levels are equivalent for loyalty program recognition purposes:

  • Preview
    • Azamara LeClub Voyage: Preview
  • Classic
    • Azamara LeClub Voyage: Adventurer
  • Select
    • Azamara LeClub Voyage: Explorer
    • Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society: Platinum
  • Elite
    • Azamara LeClub Voyage: Discoverer
    • Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society: Diamond
  • Elite Plus
    • Azamara LeClub Voyage: Discoverer Plus
    • Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society: Diamond
  • Zenith
    • Azamara LeClub Voyage: Discoverer Platinum
    • Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society: Diamond

*Program terms are subject to change. ©2018 Celebrity Cruises Inc. Ships’ registry: Malta and Ecuador.