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FEBRUARY 20, 2017

Are you over the rain and cold and already dreaming about a summer cruise vacation? Here’s why it’s time to stop dreaming and book that cruise right away (and then you can get back to daydreaming about lovely ports of call, sumptuous staterooms, gourmet cuisine, relaxing spa treatments….the list goes on and on).

Huge Savings

You might be thinking of waiting to book your cruise because then you can get a last-minute deal. Well, maybe there’ll be a last-minute deal, but do you really want t risk your summer vacation budget on that? Especially when booking now means you can take advantage of spectacular savings like Celebrity Cruises’ amazing Sail Beyond Event. This special offer was just extended, which is lucky for you if you didn’t take advantage of it before because this is one stellar deal. The Sail Beyond Event applies to nearly every sailing Celebrity Cruises offers. Here are the savings you’ll get (based on double occupancy):

  • Inside Stateroom: $50 per Person
  • Ocean View or Veranda Stateroom: $100 per Person + Two Free Perks
  • Concierge Class or AquaClass: $150 per Person + Two Free Perks
  • Suite Class: $200 per Person + Four Free Perks

Those free perks you get to choose from include:

  • Unlimited Internet Package for Two
  • Classic Beverage Package for Two
  • Prepaid Tips for Two
  • $300 to Spend Onboard for Two

If traveling with additional people in your stateroom, the third and fourth passengers get a free non-alcoholic beverage package and 40-minute Internet package.

To find out more about the Sail Beyond Event and start browsing sailings around the world, click here.

Itineraries Will Start Selling Out

Top sail dates and itineraries may start selling out soon which is another reason you don’t want to wait to book your dream summer cruise. Alaska in particular sells quickly each season. Curious what makes an Alaska cruise vacation such a popular summer vacation? Check out this article and you’ll soon be dreaming of heading north this summer, too.

Best Choice of Stateroom

Even if your preferred itinerary doesn’t look to be in danger of completely selling out, you may lose out on your preferred stateroom category by waiting to book.

Inside staterooms and ocean view staterooms tend to sell out more quickly for those looking to stay within a particular budget. However, if you’ve cruised before you also know the allure of having a veranda stateroom, which provides you with your own private balcony from which to watch the scenery sail by. Certain itineraries sometimes sell out of veranda staterooms faster than any other category since guests in the know want to be able to step straight from their stateroom into the outdoors and see the wild wonders of Alaska pass by or the awe-inspiring caldera of Santorini or any other of a number of incredible sights you’ll have the chance to see while sailing between ports.

Oh yes – and that brings us to another reason to book early. You want to not only get the stateroom category you desire, you also want to be able to choose where it’s located on board. Depending where you’re sailing, you may want to make sure you’re on the starboard side of the ship for best views instead of the port side, or vice versa. Even if you don’t care as much about the views, you may want to select a stateroom location that is closer to the elevators or on the same end as the lido deck or on a higher or lower deck depending on your preference. The possibility to be choosy in your stateroom category and location generally becomes less possible the closer you book to the sail date.

Other considerations to keep in mind for booking early when it comes to staterooms:

If you’re a spa lover, you also don’t want to miss out on the chance to stay in an AquaClass stateroom, while travelers who like extra services and amenities will want to book early to ensure they can stay in and take advantage of the perks that come along with a Concierge Class stateroom.

Those looking to pamper themselves with a stay in one of Celebrity Cruises’ decadent suites (which are value-heavy thanks to those four free perks mentioned above) won’t want to miss out on their first choice of suite type. Booking your summer cruise right now means you can reserve your dream suite before someone else does.

Better Airfare Deals

Though Celebrity Cruises does have some homeport cruises ideal for west coasters to drive to, there’s a good chance you’ll have to fly to your cruise embarkation port. Booking now not only means taking advantage of cruise specials and prime stateroom locations, it also means you can start searching for the best available airfare. Last minute flights tend to be expensive so the closer you wait until summer to book your cruise vacation, the more likely it is you’ll have to pay a premium to actually get to that cruise. Celebrity Cruises also makes air travel booking easy for you with the ChoiceAir program.

So You Can Start Getting Excited!

The earlier you book, the more you get to experience the thrill of anticipation in waiting for your vacation to arrive. It will make sitting at your desk each day much easier if you know you have a fun, relaxing cruise coming up.

Plus, booking earlier gives you plenty of time to meticulously plan your days in port and time on the ship to make sure you are aware of all your options and don’t get anxious about missing out on anything. Advance planning means you can pre-book shore excursions and get on your top choices before they sell out. It also gives you time to research the cities you’re visiting and find special gems you must see while there. Once you have your booking confirmation, you’ll also be able to start making specialty restaurant reservations, spa appointments, and other special experiences on board. Or spend your days leading up to your vacation perusing your ship’s deck plans and figuring out which lounges you’ll visit first.

Ready to book your dream summer cruise on Celebrity Cruises? Visit Celebrity Cruises or speak with your travel agent.

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