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Imagine a gourmet meal that rivals that of five-star restaurants. Now picture that meal with traditional Thanksgiving cuisine. In an opulent dining room. While sailing in the middle of the sea. This is what you’ll encounter when celebrating Thanksgiving onboard Celebrity Cruises.

Celebrity Cruises has long put a focus on cuisine and offers some of the best food at sea, so it only makes sense that we go all out for Thanksgiving.

Enjoy perfectly cut and carved turkey and a variety of side dish favorites — without having to worry about any of the prep or cleanup!

Instead, just relax and enjoy your vacation. Lots of businesses offer extra holiday vacation days so if that sounds like where you work, take advantage of that by booking a vacation over Thanksgiving. Invite your entire family, too — or escape them for some rest and relaxation.

Bookings are already open for Celebrity Cruises 2015 Thanksgiving sailings. These sailings sell out fast so planning a year in advance ensures you get your first choice of stateroom type and location. Visit us at Celebrity Cruises or call us at 800-647-2251 to start planning your holiday cruise.

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