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DECEMBER 4, 2017


Things to Do in Naples During Your Cruise

The Naples, Italy port is a unique cruise port since Naples itself is a huge draw for visitors to Italy, but Naples is also the gateway to several other popular tourist spots in Italy. When visiting this city during a cruise, you have the option of sticking around Naples and exploring the city or taking an excursion to charming, colorful towns, historic sites, and more.

Cruising into Naples

Your ship will arrive in Naples’s cruise port via the Gulf of Naples. The Naples port is within walking distance to shopping and dining in Naples. Meaning you can book a shore excursion and still probably have time (depending on the length of your excursion) to run into town for some of that famous pizza before getting back on your ship.

Things to Do While in Port in Naples

Historic Center of Naples

Besides eating pizza, there are plenty of other things to do in Naples.

You can explore the sights and sounds of the pretty Old Town area, where you’ll find gorgeous cathedrals, bustling squares, street vendor shopping, and a cosmopolitan vibe.

Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius

If you’d like a day experiencing ancient history while in port in Naples, head to the ruins of Pompeii.

Pompeii is one of the great historic finds of the world. It is an ancient city that was remarkably preserved after Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD and buried the town in ash. Today, you can tour Pompeii and see buildings and bodies seemingly preserved in time..

The Celebrity Priority Access: Amalfi Coast Motor Launch and Pompeii shore excursion gets you there effortlessly from your cruise ship. You’ll enjoy views of the Amalfi Coast from the water on a comfortable motor launch. You’ll then depart the boat for some land time in Amalfi before heading to the ruins of Pompeii.

Amalfi Coast

If colorful towns intrigue you more than historic ruins, you can also take a motor launch shore excursion down the Amalfi Coast to the town of Sorrento and explore its cliffside buildings and cobblestoned streets overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

Another memorable shore excursion you can do along the Amalfi Coast is the Sorrento Gastronomy Discover and Private Dinner shore excursion, which is a special Chef’s Market Discoveries excursion. You’ll visit local markets and private family farms with a Celebrity Cruises chef and learn about the history of food and drinks (like limoncello) in the area. Then you’ll get a delicious lunch showcasing some of the ingredients you learned about. After lunch you’ll take a coach drive along the Amalfi Coast and a stop in the charming town of Positano. This excursion also includes an experience back on board the ship; you’ll get to have dinner with the chef and dine on an exquisite Italian cuisine using ingredients your chef picked up during the excursion.

Capri and the Blue Grotto

The Italian island of Capri is easily accessible by ferry from Naples. It takes less than an hour to get across the bay and you’ll be greeted by a cute little harbor village called Marina Grande. Though there are shops and cafes in the harbor village, the real allure of Capri is beyond the harbor.

The most famous thing to do in Capri is visit the Blue Grotto. The Blue Grotto is a small cave in the side of the island that is only accessible by a rowboat. You’ll typically take a catamaran or other motorboat to the entrance of the cave and then take turns going in the rowboat to explore inside the cave. Once inside you’ll be amazed by the way the light plays on the water, casting the cave in a bright blue glow. Visits to the Blue Grotto often usually include a boat ride around the island, which has gorgeous scenery. A shore excursion to the Blue Grotto will arrange all the details in getting you there, making it easy for you.

While in Capri, you can also take the funicular up the side of the hill from Marina Grande and you’ll arrive in Capri Town, where there are gardens, high-end luxury shopping, and incredible sea and island views.

Cruise Itineraries that Visit Naples

Excited to book a cruise that has a port of call in Naples? Celebrity Cruises has many Mediterranean cruise itineraries that make stops in Naples. The cruises often include ports of call at other popular destinations like Santorini, Greece; Athens, Greece; Rome, Italy; Florence, Italy; and others. To find the itinerary that is perfect for you, visit Celebrity Cruises or speak with your travel agent.

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