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OCTUBRE 20, 2015

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is an eclectic and vibrant port city, dripping in history and gorgeous architecture. When visiting Lisbon, you have a variety of ways you can spend your day. Here are a few of the attractions that make Lisbon so special to visit and which you may want to fit into your schedule when spending a day in port there.

St. George’s Castle

Situated on a high point of the city, the ruins of St. George’s Castle (it was badly damaged in the 1755 earthquake and never rebuilt) are still quite impressive and offer incredible views of the cityscape and sea. The castle grounds provide a peaceful place to walk around and soak in the scenery and history.

Alfama District

With winding, narrow alleyways through whitewashed buildings and bright squares with colorful accents, the Alfama District is often a favorite among visitors. It is also a great area to experience two of Lisbon’s cultural standbys: sardines and Fado. The sardines of Lisbon are grilled and salty, while Fado is a a longtime tradition in the city that involves singing in a poetic fashion.

Lisbon Tram

A fun way to explore the city is via Lisbon’s tram transportation. Hop on quaint little train cars that zip you around the city to all of the top sights.

Overview Shore Excursion

Not sure what to see? Get a taste for all of Lisbon’s culture and attractions on the City of Lisbon shore excursion, which takes you to top sights and provides historic anecdotes and other information via a knowledgeable guide.

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Which top Lisbon attraction are you most excited to do or see while visiting? Share with us in the comments below.


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