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If you think cruising means missing out on the nightlife of a destination, think again. Celebrity Cruises offers overnights in ports of call all around the world on many of its itineraries. From catching the sunset in the Mediterranean to watching the Caribbean spark a party atmosphere after twilight and more incredible experiences, you’ll see a different side of the destination you’re sailing through thanks to overnights. You have many ways to spend your nighttime hours in port thanks to Celebrity Cruises’ Evenings Around the World shore excursions.

Evenings Around the World are unique shore excursions that aim to show you the best parts of the nightlife and culture of a place after the sun goes down. Like with Celebrity Cruises’ other shore excursions, you’ll be effortlessly picked up from the ship and transported to your activity. If your ship isn’t staying the whole night, but is leaving late at night, you’ll also be guaranteed to get back to the ship before it departs for the next port.

Here are just some of the types of experiences you can have while enjoying a night in port with Celebrity Cruises.

Evening with Fado and Folklore

Fado is a traditional form of music in Portugal that is often focused on lyrics and melodies with a sense of melancholy. It’s something you don’t want to miss while in port in Lisbon, but since most performances are in the evening that can make it hard to see if only in Lisbon for a day. Luckily, Celebrity Cruises does overnights in Lisbon and the Evening with Fado and Folklore excursion will ensure you experience this special local music along with a folkloric dance performance.

Slip Away to Harbor Nights

While in port during your Bermuda Cruise, you’ll take a boat ride to Bermuda’s Harbor Night Street Festival where you’ll get to take part in a fun and exciting evening market. Browse stalls selling local crafts and souvenirs. Take in live entertainment and then try some local delicacies at the festival’s food court. This is also a great shore excursion for families since there is an area just for kids at the festival.

Dinner on the River Seine

Watch Paris go from day to night on a shore excursion that transports you around the city during both times of day on this thorough shore excursion. You’ll travel around the city during the day, getting a tour of some of its main sites. You’ll also journey through the nearby countryside of Normandy and the Seine Valley. Then in the evening, you’ll board a riverboat for a leisurely dinner cruise along the River Seine.

Keep Greek Tradition Alive

Take part in the culture of Greece on this shore excursion, which whisks you away to a neighborhood that sits high above the city of Athens and where you’ll have a night of fun that will delight all the senses. Along with gorgeous views of Athens in the evening, your night will consist of an olive oil tasting followed by traditional music and dance entertainment while you enjoy a meal of delicious Greek cuisine.

Europe and the Caribbean aren’t the only places you can find overnights in port while sailing the seas with Celebrity Cruises. See all Evenings Around the World and Celebrity’s other shore excursions and itineraries, and start planning your dream experiences abroad.

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