OCTOBER 31, 2014


Celebrity Cruises strives to always be at the forefront of the cruising industry with luxurious amenities, innovative onboard activities and staying up to date on the current trends. One of those current trends is river cruising, which consists of barge-like ships that traverse the rivers of Europe and Asia to take passengers to ports in the heart of a country that ocean cruise ships simply can’t get to.

Celebrity Cruises is aware that travelers may want to explore this area of the world without wanting to have to give up the modern luxury of Celebrity cruise ships and the allure of sailing the great, wide ocean so we found the perfect compromise: Celebrity Explorations vacation packages that combine river cruising and ocean cruising.

Celebrity Explorations may be especially appealing to travelers in Southern California as you no doubt love the ocean (it’s what brings many people to SoCal) yet you enjoy partaking in new experiences of which a time on a river would definitely allot you. If this sounds like you then you’re in luck as there is likely a Celebrity Explorations itinerary that appeals to your interests and cities and towns you want to see. Discover the Celebrity Explorations river-and-ocean cruise packages coming up this year.

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