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MAY 13, 2016


Explore Seattle Before Your Alaska Cruise

Did you know there are Alaska cruise itineraries that depart out of Seattle? This makes it so easy to explore a new area of Alaska (or revisit it!) as most major airports around the U.S. offer direct flights to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Or, if you live in or near the Pacific Northwest, you can even drive to your cruise ship, making for a more budget-friendly trip since you’ll save on airfare.

Not only is Seattle convenient to get to, it’s also a fun city to explore. Get into the city a couple days before your cruise leaves and explore all the sights. Here are some top things to do and see before you sail to glaciers and mountain towns.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place is a bustling market bristling with energy and seafood. You’ll find massive fish available to purchase alongside pretty knit apparel and Pacific Northwest inspired souvenirs. Keep an eye out for the fishmongers in bright orange overalls tossing fish – maybe you’ll even get to give it a try!

Seattle’s Iconic Space Needle

Looking for an epic place for dinner while in port for your cruise from Seattle? Head to the top of the Sky Needle. You’ll get great 360-degree views – literally, since the restaurant atop the Space Needle slowly rotates on an axis while you’re dining. You can also head to the top just to see the view without dining, though the getting a meal there is a memorable way to eat; be sure to make a reservation.

Seattle Breweries

Though it hasn’t quite caught up to the prestige of neighboring Portland, Seattle still has quite a prominent craft beer scene. Head to the Seattle neighborhoods of Fremont or Ballard to find some of the best breweries plus explore two towns that are rapidly growing in popularity among locals and new transplants to the city.

Take a Ferry Ride

You’ll be departing on a cruise to Alaska from Seattle so you’re probably in an ocean frame of mind. Get an early taste of being on the water by taking a ferry ride across the Puget Sound from Seattle to Bainbridge Island for lunch. The ferry ride is less than an hour and provides gorgeous views of the Seattle skyline, while the main town of Bainbridge is darling to walk around.

Snoqualmie Falls

If you have a car and love the mountains, head 40 minutes southeast of Seattle to Snoqualmie Falls, a powerful waterfall rushing down along the base of the Cascade Mountains. You’ll also learn about how water is used for energy thanks to the helpful information boards by the viewing platform, and you can also take a moderately easy hike down to the base of the waterfall if you’re feeling more adventurous.

Green Lake Park

If you’re traveling with kids, the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle is a great place to spend some time. You’ll find many local parents here, who frequent the hip, but child-friendly restaurants, and take leisurely walks around the pretty lake at the center of the community. This urban park and comes complete with a playground for kids plus canoes and paddleboats available to rent and use on the lake which older kids may enjoy.

Whatever you decide to do while in port on your cruise from Seattle, you’ll be able to find a fun experience before you depart. After exploring all there is to offer at the port of Seattle. you’ll be all primed and ready to explore the rugged terrain of Alaska and its gorgeous icy straits.

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