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What Makes Celebrity Cruises Stand Out for Millennials

The millennial generation gets lumped into many categories and stereotypes, but when it comes to traveling, one thing is for sure: Millennials are definitely traveling the world and tend to look for in-depth, authentic experiences when they do so. Cruising has also gotten categorized into stereotypes, such as that cruising is for the older generation and just provides quick overviews of a destination. But Celebrity Cruises is changing that, which many millennials will appreciate and enjoy.

What makes traveling with Celebrity Cruises for millennials the perfect fit? Here are some reasons millennials will love cruising with Celebrity.

Millennial Cruise Destinations All Around the World

Celebrity Cruises sails all over the world and can take you to many of the destinations that are likely on your bucket list in style and comfort. Whether it's Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Alaska, Italy and France, a tropical island, or one of the many other destinations you're dreaming about, Celebrity Cruises can take you there.

Millennial Cruising is Budget Friendly

With cruising, it’s easy to stick to a vacation budget since your meals, accommodation, and entertainment are all included in the base price of your cruise. 

You’ll also get to stay in comfortable, well appointed staterooms -- no more messing with hostels and crossing your fingers that your reserved one is clean and reputable.

Overnights in Port is a Millennial Cruise Bonus

If you’re a millennial who wants to experience all aspects of a certain destination then you’ll be excited to learn that Celebrity Cruises offers a plethora of overnight ports of call.

This overnight time in port gives you the chance to experience a destination both during the day and in the evening. See how a city changes from day to night and get a taste of the nightlife culture before heading back to your comfortable room on board. Many overnight ports of call also give you extra time the following morning to explore some more and see additional sites.

Celebrity Cruises has overnight ports of call all over the world from Europe to Asia to the Caribbean and beyond.

Delectable Cuisine with Fresh Ingredients

Millennials often understand the importance of eating local and will appreciate that Celebrity Cruises puts a focus on using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible in its menu items on board the ship. Many dishes served are inspired by the itinerary the ship is currently on as well. Even farm to table ingredients are used, particularly if you go on a Chef’s Market Discoveries shore excursion.

Chef’s Market Discoveries shore excursions are special tours offered by Celebrity Cruises that pairs a small group with a Celebrity chef working on the ship. The chef will share his or her knowledge of the destination’s cuisine and key ingredients as you walk around local markets and attend tastings at restaurants or culinary schools in port. Back on the ship, the chef will prepare a private dinner for the group using ingredients you learned about earlier that day in port, and will dine with you while you enjoy each course.

Unique Dining Experiences

In addition to fine ingredients and delicious cuisine, Celebrity Cruises has many dining experiences onboard its fleet that are unlike anything else you’ll experience at sea. You’ll get the chance to eat in locations and dine on dishes that are truly Insta-worthy and will get all your friends back home drooling in jealousy. Here are some you won’t want to miss.

Lawn Club Grill: Cook your own steak in an alfresco setting while sailing in the middle of the sea next to a real grass lawn.

Le Grand Bistro or Qsine: Enjoy a meal accompanied by “Le Petit Chef,”’ an animated chef who will show up next to your plate and give you a demonstration of how each course is prepared before it is served to you.

Eden: Celebrity Cruises’ new ship, Celebrity Edge, has an expansive, 3-story dining experience that presents food to you like never before. You’ll move through the dining room to try new courses served to you by “Edenists” who will also delight you with performance antics throughout your meal.

Magic Carpet: Also on Celebrity Edge is the Magic Carpet, a platform that is cantilevered off the side of the ship and moves up and down the side of the ship throughout the day. In the evenings it switches between serving as an outdoor seating extension of Bistro on 5 and as its own unique restaurant with stellar views when it's stopped at the top of the ship.

Technology and Unlimited Wi-Fi: A Millennial Must-Have

Millennials generally like to be connected online and appreciate innovative technology, and look for ease of Wi-Fi availability when traveling.

The Unlimited Wi-Fi packages that Celebrity Cruises offers and its iLounge will resound with younger generations who want to stay connected while cruising.

The Unlimited Wi-Fi package is also available as one of the four perks you can get as part of Celebrity Cruises frequently offered “pick your perk” promotion.

Environmentally-Conscious Cruise Line

Many millennials make an effort to be environmentally conscious and take steps today to help the earth flourish in the future. Celebrity Cruises understands these concerns which is why all its ships operate under the guidelines of Save the Waves, which is a foundation put together by Celebrity Cruises’ parent company, Royal Caribbean International, to ensure the company is doing its part to protect the marine ecosystem. Save the Waves focuses on four main components:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: This also includes proper disposal of any waste.

Practice Pollution Prevention: This means NEVER throwing anything overboard plus other ways to prevent pollutants from entering the water.

Go Above and Beyond Compliance: Celebrity Cruises goes beyond standard regulations to help keep the oceans clean.

Continuous Improvement: This component of Save the Water recognizes change is always occurring both in the ocean and for conservation best practices and Save the Water will need to adapt and innovate when needed.

In fact, its latest ship, Celebrity Flora, that is being built to cruise the Galapagos is an excellent example of this. The Galapagos Islands area a unique ecosystem that has many endemic species so it is crucial that tourism to the area doesn’t disrupt the makeup of the sea and flora there.

Celebrity Flora begins sailing Galapagos Island itineraries in May of 2019 and is being specifically designed to sail the Galapagos with minimal impact to the region. The ship even has an anchorless technology so it won’t disturb the ocean floor.

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