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Can you guess where in the world this destination is from the clues below?

Word Clue

Throughout its history, this windy island has been a breeding ground for sailors, a hideout for pirates and home to freedom fighters. Today, it is a world-famous vacation destination known for its attractive setting, warm sandy beaches and busy nightlife. Here you can visit a Little Venice island, replete with elegant and gorgeous old houses that are situated precariously on the edge of the sea. In the 1930s many famous artists, politicians, and wealthy tourists began spending their vacations on this island and it quickly became an international hot spot.

There is a famous Pelican living here who is an integral part of the island and rightfully has become its mascot. You can get a glimpse of the pelican as he strolls leisurely in his own unhurried pace through the city’s many alleyways. The winding lanes of the island’s main town are said to be a throwback to the pirate days. Legend has it that the town was built that way to confuse invaders, who could not find their way into the heart of town or back out.

Where in the World is This Destination?

Chora, Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos’ nickname is Island of Winds. Windmills are an iconic feature of this Greek island and are visible from any point in Chora. There are currently 16 windmills on Mykonos of which seven are positioned on the famous landmark hill in Chora. Most of them were built by the Venetians in the 16th century, but construction continued into the early 20th century. They were primarily used to mill wheat. Mykonos gets over 300 days of sunshine each year, and while temperatures can reach as high as 104 °F in the summer, the average summer temperature is 82 °F.

Five recommended sites to visit on this Little Venice island of Mykonos include: Rarity Gallery, Agios Sostis Beach, Matoyianni Street in Old Town, Elia Beach, and Mykonos Vioma Vineyard for beautiful views.

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