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Can you guess where in the world this destination is from the clues below?

Colonized by the Dutch, more than 600 languages and dialects are spoken here. There are bone white sand beaches nestled between black sand beaches dotted with volcanic rock from the last eruption 50 years ago. Here you can try one of the most expensive cups of coffee in the world (USD $50 per cup) made from the excrement of a small nocturnal animal found in the jungle. Locals all have one of four first names; translated as “first born”, “second born”, “third born” and “fourth born”. And it doesn’t matter if the child is a boy or girl. Babies are carried everywhere during the first three months of life. Their feet are not allowed to touch the ground until they are three months old.

Where in the world is this destination?

Mengening Beach, Canggu, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an island and Province of Indonesia located 8 degrees south of the equator, just 517 miles from Darwin, Australia and is surrounded by coral reefs. Celebrity Cruises visits Bali on several Indonesian and Southeast Asia itineraries.

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