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Can you guess where in the world this destination is from the clues below?

Word Clue

This ancient walled city is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its extensive cultural and monumental heritage and historical co-existence of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish cultures. This imperial city of cultures is known for production of its swords, which are found for sale in every shop here today. A famous 16th century Renaissance painter, sculptor and architect called this city home. A stone fortification is the highest point in this city and was used as a palace in the 3rd century and later seized by Republicans in a very famous battle where the colonel’s 16 year old son was taken hostage and later killed when his father refused to surrender. There is also a 13th century cathedral, medieval castle, monastery and famous synagogue which was erected in the 12thcentury and is now owned by the Catholic Church. It is one of the oldest synagogues still standing in the world.

Where in the World is this Destination?

Castile-La-Mancha, Toledo, Spain

I spy a Wichita Shut Out! Toledo (pronounced “toe-lay-dough” is located 40 miles south of Madrid and is the home of famous 16thcentury Renaissance painter, sculptor, and architect El Greco. Celebrity Cruises guests sailing from Barcelona can take the high speed “AVE Train” from Barcelona to Madrid in just 2h 40m. Tickets run about $130 USD per person. Travel time from Madrid (Atocha station) to Toledo is just 35 minutes. An alternate, albeit far longer option, is the Costa Brava, a rugged scenic train which runs along the northern coast of Spain from Madrid to Barcelona with a total trip time of nine hours.

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