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Can you figure out the destination based off of the clues below?

Destination Clue

Boasting the longest coastline in its country, this area is dotted with fairytale villages, baroque churches, olive groves, azure water with white sand beaches, medieval castles and distinctive medieval stone dwellings. Foodies will fall in love with the cuisine, historians will be infatuated with the region’s 7th century heritage, while nature lovers will adore the beautiful seascapes. So let’s head to the heel!

Where in the World is This Destination?


This destination is Bari and the Puglia region of Italy (Alberobello/Itria Valley), which is located on the “heel” of the boot of Italy. Puglia is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets for travelers. The UNESCO World Heritage town of Alberobello has been called the ‘capital of the trulli’ for its distinctive medieval white stone dwellings. Bari is the capital of the region and visited by numerous cruises on Italian Renaissance and Mediterranean sailings.

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