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Can you guess where in the world this destination is from the clues below?

Word Clue

This deep water port was founded in the 1800s by Welsh immigrants. Here you will find a magnificent wildlife sanctuary and UNESCO World Heritage Site, where vast numbers of sea elephants, whales and penguins far outnumber the few human visitors who make it out this far.

Every spring, whales make their way to this beach to give birth and feed their young, until the calves are old enough to make the journey to more southerly waters in November. These warm, quiet waters draw females, and because their calves won’t develop the protective blubber they need to keep them afloat for another 40 days after they are born, their mothers stick to the shallows, lifting their calves onto their fins to keep them afloat. It’s not uncommon to see these magnificent creatures as they swim close in to rest on the pebbled sea bottom. Because of a relatively steep drop off just off shore, these whales are literally just a few yards from shore, making this beach one of the best whale viewing areas in the world.

Where in the World is This Destination?

Puerto Madryn, Playa del Doradillo, Patagonia, Argentina

For six months out of the year, this beach might well be the best spot in the world to view the amazing Southern Right Whale and their calves. There aren’t many experiences that bring you this close to enormous whales at peace in their natural habitat. It can truly be a spiritual moment of communion with nature. Celebrity Cruises visits Puerto Madryn on Argentina, Chile, and Antarctica sailings each year from January through March.

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