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Do It Here…Then Do It There…

Lush red tomatoes, crispy kale, juicy strawberries, unfiltered honey…there’s no telling what kind of delicious – and often healthy – delicacy you’ll find at a farmers market. In Southern California, farmers markets often seem like a dime or dozen though they dramatically differ in size and scope. One of the top farmers markets in Los Angeles is the Santa Monica Farmers Market. While attending farmers markets at home are convenient since they’re close and you have a fridge to put everything into when you get home, visiting farmers markets abroad, like La Boqueria in Barcelona, is also a fun and cultural way to spend a couple hours while traveling during a cruise vacation.

At Home Farmers Market: Santa Monica’s Wednesday Farmers Market

Santa Monica is lucky as it is home to four farmers markets, but its major one is the Wednesday Farmers Market. As the self-explanatory name signifies, this farmers market takes place each Wednesday and has been running since 1981. It stretches down Arizona Avenue and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It is one of the largest grower only Certified Farmers Markets in the country and offers a diverse range of produce plus free-range beef and chicken, herbs, local flowers and jams.

Another fun foodie aspect of the Santa Monica Farmers Market is that each week it has a featured restaurant. That restaurant then has a prominent booth at the farmers market where it has a special menu with its cuisine available to order.

Abroad Farmers Market: La Boqueria in Barcelona

La Boqueria market is a centuries old marketplace in Barcelona that dates back the early 13th century. Back in 1217 it sold meat from stalls near the city gate; today the market has one of the widest array of offerings of any farmers market in the world. You can enter La Boqueria from the popular street of La Rambla between the cross streets of Carrer del Carme and Carrer de l’Hospital. The Liceu metro stop will get you within a block of the entrance.

Inside the market you’ll find over one hundred stalls with bright and bountiful fruits and vegetables and a plethora of other foods. There are also fresh juice stands, meat and fish stands, pizza, and even restaurants serving fresh ingredients. One great thing about La Boqueria for visitors? It is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. So even if you’re just in Barcelona for the day during a port of call on a cruise, it will likely be open while you’re exploring the city.

Check out Celebrity Cruises sailings to Barcelona. Barcelona is also a popular embarkation and disembarkation port so you can do a pre- or post-tour in Barcelona for a few days to really experience the city.

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