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July 9, 2014


Do it Here, Then Do it There…

If you’re looking for an artistic way to while away an afternoon in Southern California, look no farther than Laguna Beach in Orange County. The small city located right next to the Pacific Ocean is home to dozens of art galleries in the city’s charming and easily walkable downtown area. Across the Atlantic Ocean is another pedestrian-friendly city that also has its fair share of art galleries: London, England. Southern California residents who love art should visit a Laguna Beach art gallery, then make plans to fly over to London for more art-centric afternoons.

Here: Visiting Art Galleries in Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach has art galleries ranging from contemporary to historic. A big draw for animal lovers is the Wyland Gallery, which is located on the coast highway and is full of paintings and sculptures by the world famous artist, Wyland, depicting scenes from the sea, with an emphasis on majestic whales.

Those looking for some artwork done by locals will enjoy browsing through the Laguna Art Museum, which was founded by the Laguna Beach Art Association, an organization that dates back to 1918. The focus of the Laguna Art Museum is on California artists and California-inspired artwork, both from the past and present day. Much of the art on display depicts scenes from the lives of Californians and the history of California.

There are also many contemporary Laguna Beach art galleries, which are hard to miss. Simply walk along the streets of the downtown village of Laguna Beach between Myrtle Street and Legion Street (and beyond if you’re really feeling like getting exercise) and you’ll run into a variety of Laguna Beach art galleries — they’re quite prevalent and hard to miss.

Now There: Visiting Art Galleries in London

London, England has some of the most prestigious art galleries in the world and during a northern Europe cruise, you can have the chance to visit them when your cruise stops in Southampton, the gateway port to London. Many cruises also start or end in Southampton, meaning you can tag on a few more vacation days before or after your cruise to spend time in London.

Here are the top art galleries to see in London depending on your interests:

The National Gallery: Features artwork from the 13th century through the 19th century, including art by Van Gogh, da Vinci, Botticelli, and Renoir.

Tate Modern: Located in an old power station, Tate Modern has an urban feel to it, which is the perfect backdrop to the multitude of contemporary and modern art it houses. This is one of the premier galleries for modern art in the world.

Tate Britain: This gallery focuses on paintings and other artwork by British artists and boasts the largest collection of British art in the world.

Barbican Art Gallery: Focusing on art forms like photography, design, and architecture, the Barbican Art Gallery is an intriguing glance at some of the world’s most inventive art forms.

Hayward Gallery: This innovative museum features exhibits from international artists that push the boundaries of the art world. Its building is also interesting to see, as it is in the rare Brutalist style of architecture.

Interested in Visiting Laguna Beach or London?

Laguna Beach is most easily accessed with a car; take the Laguna Canyon Road (Hwy 133) exit from the 5 Freeway. Street parking (usually with time constraints) can be found or there are several pay parking lots located around the city where you can park longer.

To visit London via cruise, check out Celebrity Cruises’ excellent northern Europe itineraries that stop in Southampton; click here for Southampton cruise itineraries.


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