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If you live in southern California (or are a Californian at heart), then you probably love playing in the surf, sand and sun…followed by an excellent meal and local craft beer or wine. This also means a vacation to the Mediterranean is probably right up your alley. We’ve compiled the Mediterranean cruise ports southern Californians are sure to enjoy. When planning your cruise, look for itineraries that visit these awesome ports of call.

Port: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Why: Dubrovnik has excellent snorkeling. Plus, the views from the walled city are simply stunning.

Port: Santorini, Greece

Why: Gorgeous black-sand beaches, white-washed cliff-hugging towns, and wine tasting.

Port: Barcelona, Spain

Why: Great food, impressive boardwalk, and incredible architecture (Gaudi!)

Port: Athens, Greece

Why: So much amazing food. Plus, there’s all that history that draws major crowds…but you live in southern California, so you’re used to crowds.

Port: Naples, Italy

Why: Nosh on pizza and an Italian beer or house red, or head off on a ferry to the nearby island of Capri, which may have you feeling a bit like you’re going to Catalina…until you encounter the luxury stores, history of Anacapri, lush hiking trails, and famous blue grotto.

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