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JUNE 10, 2015

Best Reasons to Cruise on Celebrity — From a Southern California Perspective

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Reason to Cruise #1: The Lawn Club – The grass is literally greener on Celebrity Cruises — yes, it’s real grass covering half an acre on our Solstice-class ships! Sink your toes in and experience the great outdoors.

Why Southern Californians Will Love #1: We don’t get to see real grass much in Southern California. Therefore, it’s even more special for us to be lounging on perfectly manicured, bright green grass — especially if sailing at sea!

Reason to Cruise #2: Private, Spacious Verandas – More veranda staterooms than any other premium line.

Why Southern Californians Will Love #2: It’s no secret that Southern Californians take advantage of the sunny weather and generally love being outdoors, so being able to immediately access the fresh air upon waking in your stateroom is a huge plus when cruising.

Reason to Cruise #3: In-Depth Destination Experiences – 290 sought after worldwide destinations including the best of Europe, plus overnight stays in 53 must-see cities.

Why Southern Californians Will Love #3: Talk to a handful of residents in Southern California and chances are most of them will be well-traveled. It will be a long time before you run out of new destinations to visit with Celebrity Cruises.

Reason to Cruise #4: Globally Inspired Cuisine – A culinary journey with 12 distinctive restaurants with menus crafted by a Michelin-starred chef.

Why Southern Californians Will Love #4: Southern California has some of the best restaurants in the world and has an ever evolving culinary scene. You’ll find a wide variety of cuisine onboard Celebrity Cruises, too.

Reason to Cruise #5: Suite Class – The Suite Class experience features personal butlers, a private restaurant, an exclusive lounge, and the ultimate in luxurious amenities and services.

Why Southern Californians Will Love It: The Southern California lifestyle often feels luxurious in and of itself (hello beautiful weather and proximity to A-list celebrities!) and you can continue that luxury lifestyle with the Suite Class onboard Celebrity Cruises.

Reason to Cruise #6: Superlative Service – A guest to staff ratio of nearly two to one.

Why Southern Californians Will Love #6: Southern California is crowded and there’s generally no getting around it meaning you may often find yourself waiting for service — you won’t need to do much waiting on Celebrity Cruises with the two to one guest to staff ratio.

Reason to Cruise #7: Sexy, Stylish Spaces – Creative architects and designers have infused Celebrity ships with a modern style that rivals any boutique hotel.

Why Southern Californians Will Love #7: The “Modern Luxury” style that is found onboard Celebrity Cruises gives off a trendy, but laidback ambiance…just like Southern California.

Reason to Cruise #8: Entertainment – 18 new shows in 18 months.

Why Southern Californians Will Love #8: From Broadway shows to movie premiers to surf competitions, we love being entertained in Southern California, and you’ll be able to find an array of entertainment onboard Celebrity’s ships as well.

Reason to Cruise #9: The Perfect Partners – The first Authorized Apple Specialist at sea plus Canyon Ranch SpaClub, Bravo’s Top Chef, and more.

Why Southern Californians Will Love #9: Admit it Southern California…we love brand names! You’ll find a lot of them onboard Celebrity Cruises.

Reason to Cruise #10: Awards & Recognition – Celebrity has a long list of awards.

Why Southern Californians Will Love #10: We are the land of the Academy Awards after all, so it’s no secret we love a good award, and Celebrity Cruises has some of the best in the industry!

To learn more about why the Grass is Greener with Celebrity Cruises, visit Celebrity Cruises or call your local travel agent.

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